Friday, June 4, 2010

What's in my Beach Bag???

as promised, I am going to show you how I pack for a beach day tour...yeah, its raining so hard this past few days and I am going to the beach tomorrow and its not even a beach as in 'time to relax' beach, it's a company sponsored trip so yeah...I know...kind of sucks but anyways moving on :)

The picture above is my beach bag. Its just a tote that I got for free when Von Dutch had this promo 'buy 2 items get a bag for free' a couple of years ago :)

so here's what's inside. sorry I got too lazy taking picture of each items so i just numbered it instead..hope everybody could follow :)

1. Big pouch for toiletries - Got that also free from The Body Shop from my Christmas haul last year:) next picture will be what's inside this pouch
2. Towel - rolling of clothes/towel is a good technique for saving space instead of folding
3. Swim Suit - there's a kind of long story behind this swim would be on a separate post ;)
4. Bottled Water - got to keep myself hydrated in the beach ;)
5. Changing Clothes - i'll just pair this with the same shorts I used going there
6. Burberry Sunglasses
7. Emergency Kit
- contents will also be on a separate post
8. Band- Aid Alcohol - i like using alcohol instead of hand sanitizers because its more multipurpose and because of the 70% isopropyl ^_^
9. Book (Chinese Cinderella) - just something to do during 'chill time'. You see, swimming in the beach does not appeal to me at all....because I can't swim (what a loser!) :(
10. Reusable bags - I highly recommend everybody to stock up a couple of these. I will also be talking about this on a separate post. I will be bringing 2. 1 for wet clothes and 1 for souvenirs :)
11. Activity clothes - beach shorts and a top with fabric similar to swim suits..only sheerer. As I mentioned it is a company sponsored trip so there will be games and stuff...bummer!
12. Clear case - i got this free from Globe waaay waaay back..I can't even remember the promo :P anyways, its a clear case with strap and perfect for bringing camera along the beach:)

This part is my beach essentials :)

Sun blocks:
1. Beach Hut SPF20 Hair and Scalp sunblock
2. Hawaiian Tropic SPF45 All Day Waterproof sunblock
3. Ocean Potion SPF45 Face sunblock
4. Magic LIP SPF25 lip sunblock from Watsons
love the beach but i hate being under the sun ^_^

Bath stuff:
5. Johnson's Body Wash - when traveling, I like using body wash instead of soap bars because it's less messy to bring :)
6. Clean and Clear face wash sachet
7. Sunsilk shampoo sachet
8. Cream Silk conditioner sachet
9. Rexona deo-lotion in sachet
sachets are nice for 1 day or 1 night trips because its light to pack and you could just throw it away after using, hence, no mess in your bag/pouch :)
10.Jergens travel sized lotion. - i have this for years. I just refill it each time I ran out since I always have the 'Mommy Jergens' in my room ^_^

11. Contact lens solution and case
12. e.l.f. Tinted Moisturizer - just a little coverage for picture takings ;)
13. Q-tips
14. 10 sheets wet tissue from Watsons
15. Evian face mist

ok I know you've probably noticed that I have a tendency to over pack (TENDENCY?! yeah right!) so try not to copy everything :) but I do hope somehow I gave you some ideas on what YOU will bring to the beach:)

oh, I almost forgot my coin purse with extra cash, my debit and a visa card for emergency. I am also bringing my phone and my iPod with me. Being a nerd as I am, a gadget is a must just to keep me entertained on the way:) it was a battle between iPod, PSP and DS but ended up choosing the iPod because it would be nice to have some music while enjoying some sight seeing on the way...................................................... ok, i lied..i'll probably just sleep my ass off on the way :P

so how was your summer?? I would love love to see what's in YOUR beach bag :) leave a response below with a link to your site or just leave a comment:)


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