Monday, January 31, 2011

WWE: Royal Rumble 2011

Did you see it?!? OK I originally planned a different post today and just have WWE:RR'11 as detour but I didn't expect it to be that CRAZY!!^_^.

Let's talk about the preliminary fights, shall we??? ^_^

WOOHOO!! EDGE The Rated R Superstar!! How could anyone FORBID him of using THE SPEAR!! Nevertheless he used it and snatched Heavy Weight Championship belt from Vickie Guerrero's boytoy.

Eve won the Divas Championship..who cares?? don't know her! All I know is, Natalya did (almost) a 'double Sharp Shooter'!! HAH-HA! How cool is that?! :D

And then The Miz, annoying as ever, retaining the WWE Champion against RKO, all thanks to CM Punk...and since when did this guy become such a douche?!

.....and on to the Main Event ^_^

What the heck just happened there?!?^_^ First of all, I'm pretty sure I did watch the Special prior RR'11 (which was like what?? just last month?!?) but with the new faces....and new, makes me feel I didn't watch WWE since FOREVER! Anyway, Royal Rumble is always nice because we get to see guest appearances from 'has beens'. This year we got Booker T, Big Daddy Diesel, Mark Henry (unless, they have been making a 'comeback' during the regular RAW/Smackdown and I just didn't know it because I don't watch those:P)

No matter how much we hate the PUNK...we have to give it to the guy. That strategy was pretty clever^_^

Did you see John Morrison trying to save his ass from elimination during his first few seconds in the game?^_^ I just can't pin point it, but there's something thats keeping me from totally liking this guy?? I guess its the frills on his pants??or boots?!? whatever

sorry, can't find pic...this is the only thing I got :P

Everything was FUN until the end came....

WTF?!? Alberto del Rio??!? Seriously???! It's official Wrestlemania 2011 will be one LAME-OH event **eyes rollin**

that's it! time to hit the sacks....OH!....Please...DO NOT Try this at home....


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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Latest PigOut: OMAKASE

that doll was enough to get me in =^.^=

Hello my fellow pigs in the pen today I am writting about the newest Jap resto on my list...OMAKASE :)

nom nom nom!

Omakase Soup

- nothing to say. I was not feeling this so I let boyfie finish this all by himself:P He said it's OK but he's really not that hard to please :P


-Sukiyaki's my 'measurement' when it comes to Japanese food so I make sure to order this if I am in a certain Jap resto for the first time. And I'm glad Omakase left me with a good impression with this one. Not too sweet, not to salty...perfect! Meat and veggie OVERLOAD!! but the funny thing is, I like my Sukiyaki with more noodles :P

Cheesy Beef Maki

- OK, I totally made that name up:P I can't remember but it's got to be something like that. Cheese wrapped in thin beef slices and coated in some form of batter. Just OK.

We did order for tempuras (another "measurement") but I was not able to take a picture of it but here's the proof.... :P

Normal. Not the best..but definitely not the worst :P

....but what I did like about Omakase was the place itself :) It's fluffy pink chairs makes it look more like a girl's bedroom than a dinning place :P

boyfie making goofy face:P I don't know that heartface lady but she's totally looking at the camera she might mind it if she happen's to come accross this post so might as well cover her up :P

Gaaahhh! And those dolls again!!! That's my idea!! I've been wanting to 'mount' my dolls on the walll of my room that way!!!

And this wall :) Gonna rip this off for my baby girl's nursery (in the plans of havin a baby yet :P)

The Verdict: 4 Stars
  • 5 stars for the place alone
  • very reasonable price
  • It's short of 1 star because I really can't tell if this is 'authentic' Jap food (I guess not) but that doesn't mean it's not good.
Will I revisit?: Yes. I heard from the table accross that the "American Maki" something is delicious...I gotta try that! :P

You can find Omakase at:
  • Ayala Alabang
  • Ayala Triangle Gardens
  • Greenhills Shopping Center
  • IL Terrazzo Mall
  • Libis
**I was not paid by Omakase or anybody to do this review

OK. This has nothing to with Omakase...but look at how cuuuutee these pens are!!! =^.^= Bought this at Clippers last week. Omakase should get these and give it away for Christmas or something=^.^=


DETOUR: Congrats to Rey "Boom Boom" Bautista for winning against Mexico's Alejandro Barrera. Hope this will put you back to the 'champions' league :P


Saturday, January 29, 2011

English Only Please!

** english-tagalog post

I was browsing some local showbiz news on Yahoo the other night and then out of sheer boredom I stumbled upon and read this issue about Ruffa x Shaina x John Lloyd ....

but thats not what I'll be talking about in this post :P Because I was still wide awake and..ok fine...i guess, nabitin ako dun sa news article..I read all the way thru the comments section and read this.....
WTF?! I'm not posting this to make fun of the author...ok maybe a little.. but the point is, where in the world did she/he/whatever, get the confidence to post this! I mean, those who can't speak Tagalog wouldn't give a flying f*** about this article so WHY NOT JUST COMMENT IN TAGALOG?!

I've always taken pride on how Filipinos can speak English..NOT FLAWLESSLY for the most, but we CAN! I remember when I was in HK, TWICE was I ignored by a local right after hearing me say..."Excuse me....". I bet you that will never happen if you are in the Philippines. Try asking just ANYBODY for directions and you'll get your may not be the BEST answer but we will talk to you :)

Now let's talk about accent. Last year, korean acctress Lee Da Hae was "inulan ng batikos" for speaking English in Filipino accent on a certain Korean TV show.

WHY?!! I really really hate the fact how Filipinos can be sooo pikon sometimes. I really wonder where the hate came from?? Is it because of the fact that her country generally can't speak English like we do??? And besides WE DO speak that way... Happyslip does it ALL the time and yet, the world loves her...I love her ^_^

Happyslip <3

so yeah...that's my first rant of 2011. In closing, 2 points....

1. Golden Rule (when/when not to speak in English): When you are asked/spoken to in English, talk back in get that this goes the same for Tagalog or your native tounge for the matter, right?!

2. I know my English is not perfect...I don't give a damn :P


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Saturday, January 15, 2011

2010 Toys ;-)

**disclaimer: First of all, this post is in NO way trying to brag. Normally, I would just buy 1 MAJOR GADGET PER YEAR. I'm just fortunate to have a boyfriend that worked in the US for almost a year who is super kind enough to spoil me with gifts. So in a way this post is my shout out to him. Now if you say being proud of what boyfriend gifted me is bragging then YEAH, am bragging! HAHA!! Ok here I go :P


I did say I'm going to do a review on this but I'm lazy so I'm just directing you to a more 'credible' review here, HAHA! In a nutshell, I love this laptop because its packed with feature, it's cheaper compared to other brands given the same feature and I love the energy saving features. The only thing I didn't like about this, as I've mentioned mentioned before, it has a crappy hard disk! It says in the review that this has 'Seagate' hd...I don't know. I heard somewhere that Asus had a reputation for using cheap hd (I forgot what brand), but that's just hearsay, I don't know. On the brighter side, Asus is famous for its excellent service centers so it's OK now :) Oh, and another reason I love this is because it kinda looks like MacBook Pro, don't you think??

WD Passport -- 500GB

Nothing to say about the feature. Functions as any normal external hd should, hehe. I just love that it's red and compact -- boyfie really knows my taste, haha! ^_^

Samsung ST550

just the box because obviously, I am using it to take this pic

I don't know where to start...I just LUUURVE this thing. In fact I can't think of anything about this that I didn't like. With it's front screen and "beauty" functions, this could take on the "Camwhore Camera" title in the digicam world HAHA!! Really, there's so much cool features in this cam that again, I'm too lazy to do a full on review so I'll just direct you here :P

Sennheiser EH-150

I really don't care about head/earphones before. Like, I don't mind using the cheapest of the cheapest headphones as long as I could hear the music OK, but only after using Sennheiser eh 150 I noticed the difference from "lower end" headphones. The quality of the sound is sooo much better^_^ Comfortable to the ears :) Boyfie gave me this because my SkullCandy was broken and he knows how I loved that one. See the design of this one?? Definitely not breaking anytime soon :)

I did buy 2 items myself but both gave me major FML because one was stolen and the other was broken:(

Nokia E71

Yup. This is the 'stolen' one so I'm just showing you a random pic I googled. *Sigh..I wanted this phone for a pretty long time. Sucks I only got to enjoy it for FREAKIN' 3 mos! :( Anyhow about the phone...It's as good as I expected it to be. Qwerty, wifi plus loads of free sweet apps like OVI Maps and Sports Tracker, and of course it's slim, titanium and red (also available in white and black)design makes it very chic and sexy:) Click here for in depth review.

Skull Candy Lowrider

Another thing I did want for a long time before buying it only to be broken after several months of use :( From my research, that's a common problem to SC-Lowriders (try googling "broken Skullcandy Lowrider" or something, I'm sure couple of results will be returned). But I did LOVE this. I like that you can fold it so it fits perfectly in my purse and the design is just cute and funky. Not the best fit though. Hurts my ear after couple of hours.

That is all ^_^ I'm not sure I'll be able to make a similar post for next year...probably not...kinda broke right now, HAHA!! Til next post....please don't hate.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Tourist, Rosario, Black Swan, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

@ home...on Sick Leave today and what a better way to past time than to post something, right?? :) So, here are films I saw recently..

The Tourist

Director: Florian Henckel
Starring: Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie
Rating: 5 stars

"Babe, I know there's a film out now that you would very much like to watch.." That's how boyfie asked me on a movie date to watch this and that is because I LOVE both these actors....specially Mr. Depp :) Good thing the film didn't disappoint me :) You know how those films TRY to "leave you out guessing" but by the time you get to the mid part you already know how it's gonna end??? well, this is NOT how it is with The Tourist. There's always the "Wat da???" moments all thru the end of the film. I did guess the crucial part...but I got the details wrong...Read on if you want to know, what I'm talking about..


I knew, like mid part of the film, that Frank and Alexander are one person. Why??? because JD is a SUPERSTAR and wouldn't be given such a secondary role, HAHA! My guess was that he is a schizo and lives an alter ego life. Probably because Elise describes Alexander to Frank as "different"...and of course we always love "psycho-twist" to a seemingly normal movie :) you don't??? well, I do:P plus, PLASTIC SURGERY?!? oh c'mon.....


Director: Abert Martinez
Starring: Jennelyn Mercado

Rating: 1 star

SERIOUSLY?!? Some dimwits want this to be 'Best Picture' in the recent MMFF?!? The trailers didn't really say what the story is about except that it is a true to life story of Manny Pangilinan's grandmother, PERFECT! because I always love listening to the elderly. Stories of old, the war, anything about the time I wasn't born yet. But this film turned out to be an EPIC FAIL!! The only film that made me want to walk out by the first 40mins. Really.....Not inspiring at all. Why? Read on....


To sum it up the film is a story of a Slutty Chain Smoker who lived in the Philippines during the 20's. She lived and died a tough life because of the wrong choices she made like abandoning her parents and f*cking her cousin's man inside her home while her husband and children are there.

On the good note though, I loved the production design. Probably the best in the Philippines, on movies of the same plot of course. Cinematography's excellent too and in all fairness, Jennelyn gave a superb acting performance. I guess, her charecter is such a bad example that the MMFF board did not include her to the "Best Actress" nominees:P

Black Swan

Director: Darren Aronofsky
Starring: Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis

Rating: 5 stars

Dark and sort of classy. Just the way I like it:) When I saw the trailer I thought it's gonna be one cool horror flick but it's not..I don't know where to classify it, actually. Psycho-thriller, I guess and again my cup of tea :-> I don't have anything bad to say about this film and I don't want to spoil it since it's even not shown here yet in Manila. Great film. Natalie's excellent as usual, Mila's HAWT! first time I saw her on Aerosmith's 'Jaded' I know she'll be someone someday and I do hope this film will launch for to Hollywood A-lists :) Oh, and there's also 'treat' for all you pervies out there..hehe :P

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Swedish)

Director: Niels Arden Oplev
Starring: Noomi Repace and Michael Nyckvist
Rating: 5 stars

You know I love the book so it's such a treat to love the movie also:) I know hollywood is making a version of this so I'm glad a friend gave me a copy of this film because I don't think this was released internationally. I like how the film was able to stay true to the book editting out some parts that doesn't have real relevance to the story. If you have read my review on the book, you know there are LOTS of those. Like old folks having s*x, Mikael's flings...etc. But what struck me most was Noomi Repace's performance. She was able to play Lisbeth very well. I remember my friend telling me how she was struck by her acting also, specially her eyes and the book (specially the 2nd and 3rd) described Lisbeth's eyes "deep" and "dark" number of times. I know in Sweden, they have shown the movie for the 2nd and 3rd book also. I just hope I'll be able to finish reading them before obtaining a copy of those films. I am 90% done with the last book before it was stolen from me along with my bag last October 2010:(

that's it:) hope you liked these reviews:) So what movies have you seen lately???


**pictures from google images

Saturday, January 8, 2011

2010 Naughty & Nice List

This has been around Youtube for weeks now where beauty gurus give they'r list of 5 most liked products and 5 products that disappointed them. It looks fun so I'm doing this list as well but to give it a little twist, my list has to have 1 skincare, 1 haircare, 1 makeup then 2 random product. Let's start :)...

Skincare: The Body Shop Olive Body Butter

I use this after I shower at night. I like that it's not thick and sticky as I thought it would be. It has a very subtle smell and makes my skin smooth and moistured:)

Haircare: Sunsilk Style Curls & Waves Bound Defining Mousse

Gives my hair soft curls and really holds it for HOURS. Just check out my pic below.Curled my hair around 4pm and it stayed that way til the NEXT MORNING! May have been longer if I hadn't washed it :P And I love the slick packaging too ^_^

photobooth pic FTW! :p

Makeup: Laneige Snow Crystal Foundation & Revlon ColorStay Foundation

I'm so sorry I really can't choose between these 2. Both are absolutely my favorite makeup products for 2010. I use Laneige in the morning because it has SPF22 while Revlon Colorstay (RC) has SPF6 only which makes it perfect for flash photography. The only downside to RC is the a really strong chemical. The saleslady told me that the smell is due to it's waterproof agents so it's also great for clubbing :). Both are in color 'Sand Beige' but you can tell the difference of the color, right :) anyhow, both works great on me so I love love these products :)

and now for the random stuff:P....

Scent: Bath and Body Works' Sweet Pea

I've seen a lot of Youtube beauty gurus raving about this and when I finally got one I was ADDICTED immediately:) The fruity scent is not too subtle but not too strong eaither. Perfect for everyday:)

Tool: Shawill Brow Trimmer

yup, that's the Starbucks 2011 planner at the back, hihi ^_^

This has shorter blade than the usual brow trimmers we see on drugstores so it's easier to manuver. So if you're not a fan of plucking then I recommend this. Plus it has a lid attached to it so you won't loose it.

And on the the Naughty List. I had a hard time deciding on this one because I usually put a lot of thought on the products I buy and if I HATED a product, I usually give it away...but nevertheless, here's my list :)

Skincare: St. Ives Moisturizing Olive Scrub

Simply because it did NOTHING for my skin. I had high expectation for this because St. Ives Apricot Scrub is absolutely my favorite face scrub. Plus this one has smaller and softer beads that makes it gentler. But I guess my skin's so bad that it's more suited for the roughness of the Apricot scrub. HAHA!

Haircare: L'Oreal Studio Hot Straight

Yup. A heat protectant also. It's a good product actually plus the packaging is HOT PINK and this was endorsed by Beyonce :) However, I didn't like the fact that you can only use this on damp hair. Although I'm using a 'wet or dry' hair straightner, I still prefer straightning my hair dry. I just think there's no versatility in this product. Plus I always see a couple of hair strands fall everytime I comb my hair with this on.

Makeup: Revlon Makeup Eraser Pen

Does it job. But the lid's darn too hard to open, thus, I've broken it's tip just after using it thrice :(

Again, the random stuff...

Contact Lens: EOS Circle Lens

yeah, you could tell from the case that I haven't used this dusty, hyuck!

Yeah. I even did a look with this. I don't know why I can't wear this nowadays. It moves up with my lids everytime I blink. Nope it's definitely not yet expired. Do you know why is this so??

And last but not the least....

Shower Gel: Versace The Dreamer

I didn't want to include this at first because this was a gift but...what the heck, I have to complete my list:P I haven't used this actually and I'm not planning to. Because the smell is ridiculously strong! Like a Eu de Toilette perfume. Perhaps I would like this if I were older:P

And that completes my Naughty and Nice List of 2010. Hope you liked it. What about you?? What's your Naughty and Nice list for last year???


Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011...Mooncake's Rebirth :P

news flash!!....

I'M ALIVE!!!! bwahahahahaha!!!!

loooooooooooooooong time no post! I'm not gonna come up with the classic 'i've been busy' excuse or something. Honestly, I was just not up to it. 2
010 was mean to me :( or at least most of it. I was THIS close to having a trip of a lifetime (USA), I was robbed (Nokia e71 & iPod 2nd gen, gone huhuhu), then my laptop was in the service center for a good 1 month (almost), come to think of it, all that happened just October (SCREW YOU, OCTOBER 2010!!!). In case you're curious I'm using Asus UL30 (shout out to my lovely boyfie for gifting this to me). I don't think this model is available here in the Philippines so I'll definitely do a review of this baby one of these days. But for now, I'm back....and let's all look forward to an AWESOME 2011=) Happy New Year, guys!