Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Picks ep 3: TBS Shimmer Waves

Mooncake's Summer Pick ep 3: Shimmer Waves by The Body Shop

What is it?: Bronzer.


* Excellent pigmentation. It says "Shimmer" but it's really not too much that it's 'glittery'
* Can be also used as eye shadows since you have 5 different shades



* Pricey. got mine on 50% sale and that's around 700+php ($15usd)

Packaging: I like makeups with clear cases because I don't have to open it when I'm looking for certain shade.

Tips: Bronzers are mainly used for contouring. I'm not into contouring...I believe only makeup experts does that....except in the occasional cases that I overdid it with the foundation and my face looks abnormally pale. How I do it?? Just sucking in my cheeks then apply some there then little on my jawline..I feel it makes my face look smaller^_^. At least that's what I believe HAHA!! anyway's you don't have to do the same. Contouring techniques differs depending on the shape of your face. Yup you guessed it...I CAN'T TEACH YOU THAT...but there are TONS of tutorials in Youtube that could help you :)


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