Monday, June 7, 2010

A Mongolian's take on the Philippines

I remember when I was younger I always watch this show Mongolian Barbecue with my Papa. I just remember it as a funny show and I loved its host Mr. Shooli :) But as young as I was then, I never paid attention to the satire and the message this show conveys to Filipino people. After this show was canceled, I never saw Mr. Shooli again except for some guestings which are not that often either. Just few moments ago my Papa and I happen to come across this not so popular talk show from a not so popular channel on TV and to our delight, the man being interviewed is non other than Jun Urbano or Mr. Shooli himself :)

I always know he's a smart guy but I never thought that his opinion on the Philippines would be very much in synch with ours. I quoted some of these opinions that I would like to share with everyone:

"They say OFWs are the Bagong Bayani because they bring 17b yearly but to what expense?? breaking down the very pieces of the society (family)..yung asa abroad makakapag-asawa ng iba, yung naiwan dito ganon din"

"Americans also wanted to take advantage pero nahiya sila kaya inintroduce yung "democracy"..Anu ba ga daw yung demokrasha?? sariling pamahalaan "For the People By The People" but what the Americans really meant was "POoR the people BUY the people"

"The problem with Filipinos is we are so forgiving...our positivity at ang ating kabutihang loob has become our very weakness.....dati Presidente ay Marcos tapos may senador na Aquino ngayon naman presidente Aquino tapos may senador na Marcos. Anu ng mangyayari satin nyan, paikot-ikot na lang"

"ang desisyon kung sino ang magiging susunod na presidente ay nanggagaling sa 80% ng mga Pilipino...sino ba ang stakeholder ng gobyerno/pilipinas?? yung mga nagbabayad ng buwis kaya sa kanila dapat manggaling ang decision!"

"dapat Change should start from me....e pano naman yun ako lang magchechange sha ayaw nya...dapat wag natin sila pakialaman basta ako magbabago ako....ngayon yung mga ayaw magbago..let's not punish them...let's treat them like heroes...katulad ni Rizal na binaril sa Bagumbayan"

-= 2 Chronicles 7:14=-


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  1. I miss Mr. Shooli! I hope they revive Mongolian Barbecue on t.v. It's intelligently funny. Unlike most talk shows today which is more on tsismis and kabaklaan.