Sunday, July 18, 2010

this video is not available in your country....

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You know when this happens??? right??. You ever CRAVED for FURTHER EXPLANATION regarding this matter??? NO?!? Well, I did...

....because I'm a geek. So here's the first search result my dear old friend, Google, returned...

lmao!!!! =))

**warning: little geek talk ahead...feel free to stop reading from here :D**

ok so about the Youtube prompt. Well, obviously the owners of the video has set it in specific countries or region for various reasons, so if your IP address falls outside those countries you will get the "not available in your country" error. Now, I won't be discussing about IP address here but as the name suggests, it's something that identifies a network location. You could read more about IP Address at my other friend Wiki.

I have a way to bypass this however I don't know a Youtube video that may be blocked for the same reason right now. And its pretty late for a guessing game so I can't show it to you right now....some other day perhaps;)


SM Accessories haul

HOLA! Long time no post..again, i'm sorry :) Nothing too exciting here, just want to share with you guys the recent accessories I bought from SM ;)

I got 2 items from their Makes It Complete (M.I.C.) line...

long necklace, 149php ($3)

coil thingy bangle,199php ($4)

the only hairpiece and the only one I got from their What Women Wants (WWW) line. I wore this in my Mooncake @ Work post, 129php ($3)

3 pairs set of fresh water pearl earrings from Naccara Pearls. Pearl earrings are "must have's":), 249php ($5)

cocktail ring. you could see in this pic how much it was marked down. From 549.75php ($12) to just 145php ($3)! that's crazy...didn't make me think for long before buying it, hehe.

And finally...
compact mirror. Though this is not an "accessory", this is one cool mirror because it has lights on it:) so if it's quite dark and there's this urge to check on my face I could still do it with this one HAHA! and this could double as my flash light too ;),


Latest Pigout: KKK

KKK The Food Revolution. I'm not sure if their KKK stands for anything but definitely the name was inspired by the KKK Revolution of our history. Honestly, I don't think there's anything special with the food. The best thing about KKK is that it's so reasonably priced so if you're in the Mall of Asia, craving for Flip dishes and kind of tight on the budget but too lazy to cross the restos along seaside, then this is the place to go :)


Pinakbet... this is my favorite amongst the dishes we ordered

Bagnet. Not a fan of the 'dip' though but you may like it if you love Ilocano dishes.

The place seems like a dainty bahay kubo but it kind of looked messy to me.

KKK The Food Revolution is located at the ground floor of The Mall of Asia just a few meters away from the IMAX Theater.


Hairstory =)

As I mentioned in the previous post I just had my hair rebonded yesterday and boy, I'm happy and finally confident wearing my hair down again:) Let me just share to you my "Hair History":) I have naturally unruly curly hair. Got it from my dad, he used to sport the "afro" and he would tell me stories of how jealous his friends were of his naturally BIG fro =) I used to be ok with my hair. I always had creative ways of tying my hair plus I'm pretty skilled with braiding my OWN hair. However that changes when I started my OJT. I have to wake up extra early to wash-dry-style my hair so you could tell it was quite troublesome. Hence I made the decision to let go of my natural hair and finally "go straight". True enough, it saved me a lot of time getting ready in the morning. A few brush strokes and that's it! I'm good to go:) And so I've been wearing my hair straight ever since. Rebonding my hair has become an ANNUAL regimen for me.

Here's a picture of my regrowth in 1 year time

uggh! so ugly

There are lots of rebonding treatment available but the one that I "entrust" my hair with is the L'oreal Hair X-tenso. I upgraded from the "regular" to the "Very Defiant Hair" formula. Because it takes literally an entire day to get my hair done with the regular one (yeah, that's how crazy my hair is). And also, I've been going to the same salon for 5 yrs now. I tried a different salon and a different formula once and it was DISASTER! The name of the salon is Substance Day Salon but I think they changed it now to Substance Salon (Substance Day?!! that doesn't make any sense :P). And believe me, they're the best in the X-tenso league and so with other L'oreal treatments. I have proclaimed my love for L'oreal Hair products over and over to this blog so finding a salon that has L'oreal treatments as their forte is just like finding my soulmate...HAHAHA!! but seriously, they are located pretty far from where I live and by going back there for 5yrs now, that's just show how satisfied I am:)

The salon has a very homey feel to it, but the equipments and facilities are just as sophisticated as the high end salons in the metro:)

and here's how my hair looks like now:) sleek and STRAIGHT...literally silky smooth :)

TIP: Now, the challenge to treated hair is MAINTENANCE. Before, I used to neglect my hair thinking it will get fixed anyway when I get my hair rebonded, Heck I was wrong. My hair was super dry they have to use more products than usual on my hair and more products mean more payment. And the end result was not very pretty either. It wasn't as shiny and the ends were just horrible. Why maintain?? For those who don't know, hair rebonding process involves a lot of blow drying and ironing thus making the hair thinner. So how do we maintain treated hair? A regular hot oil or hair spa would do. Once or twice a month, depending on how damaged your hair is. So yeah, Rebonding your hair can be costly. A L'oreal Hairspa normally costs around 900php ($19). And that's why I also got this from the salon yesterday...

I'll just replace my conditioner with this and VOILA! no more monthly hairspa:)

BTW. L'oreal x-tenso at Substance Salon costs 2300php ($50) per tube. That's another reason I keep on coming back to that salon, after the 1st tube you could pay for a half, or even, quarter tube. My hair's so thick and long, I used up 1 and 3/4 tube which cost me 4025php ($87).

Substance Salon is located at 18 Mystic Rose Drive, Sanville Subd. Quezon City (along Visayas Ave.). You could call them up at 920-o4-24/925-67-43.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

What's been mooncake up to??? ep 2

....well not anymore :D It may not be that long for others but if you notice the frequency of my updates, a whole week with no posts is being like 'on hiatus' indeed. In case you're wondering why, err nothing drastic actually. I've just been sooo darn busy. I didn't had the time to even check out "It's All Mooncake" til now. So for those who stood by, thank you very much >:D<. So what's been Mooncake up to?? well a lot of things. I just finished my MS SSRS training and I just had my hair rebonded today! Yey! I'm also happy to share to you that it seems like I'm finally picking up on my finances :D Cut down on the 'hauls' surely gets you a looong way.HAHA!! but generally, God has been good to me and I truly bring HIM back all the glory:D So yeah.....heads up! Here's what you will be reading in the days to come:)
  • 2 health posts
  • 3 gadget reviews (so excited)
  • 2 DIYs
  • a VLOG! yes..i'm finally doing one
  • 2 hauls
  • 3 Latest Pigouts
  • 1 heart2heart
  • 1 travel know that I'm off to Coron on August..pls pray with me for a nice weather;)
  • lots of featured product/review
and more..So you could tell that I'm definitely not running out of ideas here but I'm still open for suggestions. Just email me or leave a comment below if there's anything else you would like to see here. As you know, this is an "anything goes" blog, it's called "It's ALL Mooncake" after all =^.-=

BTW. Here's a short but sweet Metronews for you book lovers out there ;)


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Today on the Tube: Girl Power x2

Girl Powe 1: Courageous Chic

you just cant see it clearly but what happened here, is when the hostage taker asked for water, the police woman there deliberately threw the bottle on the floor instead of handing it to the guy so when he reached for the bottled water, with our courageous chic's quick thinking and move, opened fire killing the perpetrator and saving the victim.

Girl Power 2: Classic Divettes

It is my extreme pleasure to blog about this AH-MAZING Duo. They are The Believers. They are currently on they're 9th win as Talentadong Pinoy's champ. Tomorrow will be their 10th and final performance and I'm so darn sure they will leave the show as "Hall of Famers". I love love these girls and I'm seeing Tony Awards in their future. I just hope somebody big will discover them and make them big one day. Pilipinas, we finally have our next Lea Salonga and it's a treat that we have not just one but 2 future Broadway superstars :D


Friday, July 9, 2010

Heart2Heart ep1: Hatin' via Net ;)

Ever realized how technology, specifically the internet made it so easy for us to throw in a hurtful word towards another? I for instance am guilty of this..and I know for sure that all of us are. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then you're one big HYPOCRITE! so let me give you a clue... STATUS MESSAGES. Take this...ok MINE for example.

Don't get me wrong..I'm not trying to be a Saint here or something. Truth is, I don't condone this. Why should I? Free vent out! When you're pissed at someone the best thing to do is to let it off your chest. But a confrontation would be cumbersome, so we resort to "Status Messages". May it be on YM, Facebook, Twitter, etc...don't give out a name or the obvious and voila! Instant remedy:D But have you ever thought of the effects on us personally if we get used to this?? We end up not resolving anything. Sure we could let it pass sooner or later but the impression you have made towards that person will be there forever. I never confronted the guy in my stat and probably never will. I don't hate him. I would forget him if I didn't see him in 5yrs but it IS a small world. If I see him by chance. I would immediately think "oh, that was the guy who irritated me so much.....5yrs ago."


A wrathful man stirreth up strife: but he that is slow to anger appeaseth strife. - Proverbs 15:18

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Riding The Dolly Wagon =^.-=

Hi everyone=) Here's a pic of my "Everyday Dolly Look". As you know, Dolly Look has been taking Asia (and West recently) by storm. Girls...and some boys too =P has been sporting the Dolly Look as their EVERYDAY look :) For those of you who don't know..Dolly Look are all about, circle lenses, heavy eyemakeup, fluttery false eyelashes, curly hair...hence the DOLLy look :D

Actually when I bought my Circle lens, I never really intended to wear a Dolly Look. There's no way I could pull that off since I'm not that skilled with make up. However, as soon as I tried my circle lens on, IT LOOKED CREEPY!!!

kinda reminds me of Sadako o.0

I saw right away that the circle lens can't do alone without eye makeup. So just not to waste my purchase, I still tried it out with the little make up skills that I have, and here's the result :)

What do you think?? :D circle lens, slightly thicker eyeliner and mascara than usual, some shimmer and that's it :D Dolly look but not too much that you can actually wear at work or school :D Hope you like it :D


**I'm wearing EOS black circle lens

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mooncake @ Work =^.-=

Holla! I just started the 6 days training on MS SSAS and MS SSRS yesterday as requirement for the project I will be involved with soon so this is not really "at work", "part of work" would be more appropriate, hehe:) So far so good, I'm surprisingly learning a lot. I was nervous before I started because, honestly, I've been rusty on the "technical dept" lately so I'm worried I won't be able to cope up. I just hope things will go well for the remaining 4 days:D

But the best parts about this training are:

1. it's FREE!! or company sponsored rather. Of course, they'll bond me for 6 months or something but that's not too bad considering there is NO way I could afford this training myself:D
2. classes ends at 4pm :D...and finally.....
3. FREE MEALS!!!! that's free breakfast, lunch and merienda (afternoon snack)! hehe :D

Here's some pic of the training room I took with my Nokia E71 phone yesterday, just before the class started.

see me in all my nerdyness HAHA!

view from the window...and pls don't ask why the room is so dark :P

CRT..hyuck! :P

I'll spare you from the boredom by not telling you the details of the I'll just show you this lovely hair piece I wore=)

I'll take a better pic of this for your better appreciation:P


Sunday, July 4, 2010

e.l.f. Tinted Moisturizer

  • has SPF15. That is why this is included in my What's In My Beach Bag blog.
  • good moisturizing agents
  • good coverage
  • cheap. 130php ($3) only.
  • lots of shades to choose from. I'm in color 'Honey'.
  • It has this funny a smell of a cheap candy...but it's not that bad :)
  • available in 12g tubes only. but this actually works for me. It's ideal for travel plus I'm planning to get the tinted moisturizer from Pond's come 'ber months' where it's quite cold here.
  • quite sticky consistency too, but then again, it's not that bad either.
Packaging: It has a funnel like end which is removable if you want to get more products faster.

Repurchase: Yes


**Quick Detour**

Last night I was at the wake of a friend's mom. I saw some of my friends from college it's just sad that our little "reunion" has to be in that event. But the nice thing about last night was when my friend and I talked about our experiences and pain of loosing a mom. I believe that by doing that we are able to impart a lesson to our friends which is to love and cherish each time they have with their moms before it's too late.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Today on the Tube: Paranormal Activity 2

This made me poop my pants a little..................

kidding! actually I have quite high standards for horror movies. Growing up, my mom wouldn't let us watch horror movies so college (yes, not even highschool) was freedom. I started hardcore...Ringu (still the best for me). Good scare became so addictive that I watched every Asian horror flick (western, and even Flip horror just sucks!..specially during those days) until I became used to it.

So talk about the Paranormal Activity. Did you see the first installment?? I didn't like it. There is one good scene--the one where the girl got dragged by the foot-- and that's it! the rest..B-O-R-I-N-G! oh! there's this another scene where they find the girl's picture when she was little at the attic, I liked that one too. It's not scary but I think it's powerful..i don't know.

So here comes the 2nd installment, just merely a year after the release of the first one. Really good trailer..AYLAVET! But then again, Paranormal Activity 1 had good trailer too.

I think I'll give this movie a shot..hehe.....

....i'm sorry, what was that??? what Eclipse???


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fly and Fashion

Just a public service from yours truly:

1. The well beloved Forever21 of all the Youtube style gurus will be re-opening it's doors to Manila tomorrow, July 2, 2o1o at the SM Megamall in Ortigas. I say 'RE-OPENING" because I'm sure there used to be one at Robinson's Place Manila in Ermita back when I was in college..or high School. Anyways, too bad I don't have a photo or even a purchased item to prove this (it's darn expensive for my allowance).

2. Airphil Express, 'Express Sale' is back with a vengeance:) Promo starts today, July 01 to July 05, 2010.

Could I have some love for such an up to date update?? hehe :D