Sunday, June 6, 2010

Caylabne Resort

Hi guys, here are some pics from my day at the beach yesterday :)...It was raining sooooo hard in the morning but good thing there was little sunshine in the afternoon so I didn't end up bringing all those sunblocks for nothing :P

Caylabne beach has black sand naturally so you could see here that the sea has already washed the white sand away over time:)

Definitely this is not the best beach I've been to. It's small and going there is not that easy too, its even farther than Puerto Azul. But that could be a good thing though, it wasn't as crowded as most beaches so if you like that like me, then you could give this place a shot. You may also want to inquire first before swimming at the beach because there are times it's jellyfish infested:P The food's not good either. unfortunately there's a corkage fee for any food you'll bring aside from chips and water:P

Where did you go swimming?? I'd love to see pictures and perhaps I could go there next summer :)


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