Friday, June 11, 2010

HAUL: The Body Shop 14th Anniversary Sale :D

**warning: picture spam

I've been keeping myself from going to TBS for weeks now...... un
til today...

so it is their 14th anniversary and they had this pretty s
mart sale..which I willingly fell for:) Anyways, I might get some deatails wrong but I'll try to explain this as best as I could, oraytie?!^_^

Sales on selected items varies from 10%, 30%, 40%..etc. If y0u happen to like an item not in sale, no worries, you could still get a discount if you purchase more items....

Facial Brush - 150php ($3)

Soap - 150php ($3)

Cocoa Butter Moisturising Stick - 695php ($15)

Facial Deep Cleansing Pads - 295php ($6)

Items above are not for sale but i think i got 15% off on each :) But that doesn't end there..If all your items costs 1500php ($32) or higher, you will get another 10% off on your total amount i got this...

Tea Tree Face Mask - 795php ($17)

but this made me overshoot the 1500php 'mark' by 200php+ ($4) and made me 400php ($9) short for earning 2 reward stamps since I have the TBS Rewards Membership Card...

few more left ^_^

And lastly, these also earn me 3 raffle coupons. That's 1 coupon for every 500php ($11) worth of purchase. You get to indicate 1 prize package of your choice. I chose the Vit E package (#6). Gosh I never paid attention to raffles before because I haven't won one ever :( but this time, I'm REALLY keeping my fingers crossed ;)

BTW. The TBS 14th anniv sale will end on June 14, 2010. You have 3 more days left :D Check out more of this here.


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