Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Picks ep 4: Magic Lip

Mooncake's Summer Pick #4: Magic LIP from Watsons

What is it?: Sunblock for the lips. Has SPF25. The product itself is white in color that changes to a very lovely shade of pink when applied on lips :)

  • very moist
  • fun to wear
  • very affordable at 85php ($2)
  • color can last the whole day...given you didn't get your lips wet or deliberately wiping it off, of course
  • eventhough it's a product of Watsons, which is a very popular drugstore here in the Philippines, I seldom see this product on stands :(
  • not too much product in the tube and quite a lot got used up on each applications, so this product will not last you very long.
  • no other shades available

Packaging: very biggie ;)

Repurchase?? YES. absolutely!

Tip: the camera just didn't show it but this product may be 3x more brighter than the pic, so be careful not to apply too much. And if you're on the darker shade, I do not recommend this product to you.

So that concludes my Summer Picks/Faves of 2010. I know it's not a lot, probably the shortest list you've read of the same nature, but it's honest and these items are really my faves. You know, the ones that IMMEDIATELY came in to my mind when talking about 'Summer Products' no need to give it much thought just to complete a 10 or even 5 items list:) I hope you like it :D

I would like to know what you're "Summer Picks" are :D Please leave a comment below and I hope everyone had a wonderful summer :D


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