Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Picks ep 2: Evian -- not the drinking water :P

Mooncake's Summer Pick #2: Evian Facial Spray

Probably my fave amongst my summer essentials specially when I don't bring my car to work and I get all sweaty (Flip summer is REALLY hot). I just spritz on my Evian face mist and VOILA!! instant freshness ^_^. "That's ridiculous..plain water should do the trick"...NO. Water alone will dry your skin. Evian Facial Spray has moisturizing agents so it wont dry your skin even when used constantly.

  • Refreshes skin while keeping it hydrated as well
  • They have 50ml travel sized bottle..or can rather :p
  • can be used to set make up
  • Bit pricey. 50ml costs 199php ($4)
Packaging: Actually, for me, this IS the strength of this product. The atomizer/spritzer is perfect :) plus, since its in can, that helps make the liquid cool:) It also has a cover so that makes it very hyigenic as well. Where did mine go??..errr..The day I bought this, at the MRT station I got to excited to try it out and..yes you guessed it..I dropped the cover at the train track :-< of course I'm not allowed to go down and get it..I did try asking the guard to get it for me though but I think the train blew it away since its very lite. Yeah..I'm clumsy and stupid :P Anyways, in case you're wondering, here's how it looks like.

Tip: put this in the fridge to make it even more cooler:) Actually you could DIY this. Just mix a little amount of essential oil to distilled water and put it in a spray bottle that you could buy anywhere..much better, you could reuse the ones from your used up cologne. Anyways I just read that somewhere, I'm not in to essential oils so I don't think I could try this one out ;)


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