Friday, June 18, 2010

Lakers..NBA 2010 Champs

....and of course I'm not happy. Darn! I'm upset! If you've been reading this blog for a while, YOU know that I'm a HUGE Celtics fan. But that was one hell of a game though :D Gosh! I'm so jealous of the people, specially those in ringside at Staples. The game was worth every freakin' penny! It's one of my long time wish/ able to watch live matches of my fave NBA teams and players:P
OK so back to the game. To sum it up, Celtics had a good start until the big shot from Fisher and just like a disease..the whole Lakers team got all fired up and started connecting. Then the Celtics begin to mess up. So here are some post game analysis based not only on my opinion but also from all the 'office jocks' "analysis" as well:)

  1. Perkins not playing
  2. They missed a lot of open shots
  3. Lot of Celtics guys got into Foul Trouble
  4. Homecourt advantage
  5. Phil Jackson.
  6. Kobe Bryant.
Oh Gosh...I just remembered back in highschool when I was such a Kobe fanatic. Back then, I know almost everything about him. His birthday, the 'Kobe' name, he went with Brandy to the prom...etc. And....should I say it??...ah what the heck!...I collect Kobe Bryant clippings! HAHAHA! cut outs from magazines, newspapers.

Anyways..I could go on with this forever so before that's some game highlights:

Did you watch the game?? Whose team were you on?? Lakers or Celtics??


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