Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Pres New Start???

So today was a very important day for the Philippines as the new President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III was inaugurated. Well..I did not vote for this guy but I don't want to be a sourpuss as of the moment. For a change, I want to be positive this time like the rest of the Filipino people who believe he really can change our long time corrupted and abused nation. The speech was very good actually but I'm not in the mood to IMO on some points that somehow made impact to me. So..there, this is actually a very short post. I would just like to ask everyone to pray for the new administration and may God bless the Philippines:)

Here's a short vid of what transpired this morning of his inauguration.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.- 2 Chronicles 7:14


Monday, June 28, 2010

Beach Hut: Hair and Scalp Sunblock

What is it?: Spray on sunblock for your hair and scalp with SPF20

  • smells AWESOME
  • the texture of the liquid is kind of oily but its really dry when sprayed on hair


  • Pricey. Around 500+php ($11)
  • No other size available

I'm sorry I can't tell you wether this thing actually works or not as I didn't have the chance to test it out (if you've been reading this blog, you know that my summer was a major BLAH!)

Packaging: It's alright. Clear plastic bottle so you could easily see how much product left. The green and orange Beach Hut color theme spells S-U-M-M-E-R =^.^=

Repurchase: I don't think so. Just like my previous summers, I could use a regular leave on instead. It's waaaaaaayyy cheaper :D

So why did I buy this then??? Because of the darn free underwater camera. (one where you put film in it)

... I am such a freebiewhore.......


Friday, June 25, 2010

Michael Jordan High Heels?!!WTF?!!

have you heard of these?? What are they are Air Jordan patterned shoe with HEELS for soles. Here's what it looks like

I don't like it. i think it's over the top...and kind of gay too:P because that is Michael Freakin' Jordan's shoes and we don't mess with the Royal Airness shoes! HAHA! I remember there was a time that I wanted to have those canvass shoes with heels and I still think they're cute but this one..i don't know............

I mean, if I want to be girly in sneakers..I'll just wear my current fave

Nike Sister One sneakers:) it's a cross training shoes in dark gray and HOT PINK....super pretty AYLAVET!

so going back to the Jordan heels..another thing I don't like about this is the fact that I'm not sure how and where to wear it. Right now my life rotates on home, office, church and the mall.

I'll probably get this shoes when I become the 5th member of 2NE1 or something...ahihihi

What do you think of Air Jordan High Heels?? Fab or Fug???


FIFA.....drink up! :P

Into the World Cup fever lately???? No?? well that makes both of us,HAHA!!! I don't hate it either. Anyways this post is not about FIFA the sports..I would just like everybody to know that..............


so thanks to FIFA, the McDonalds contour glasses made its comeback and now I'm finally able to complete all 6 colors :D


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Picks ep 4: Magic Lip

Mooncake's Summer Pick #4: Magic LIP from Watsons

What is it?: Sunblock for the lips. Has SPF25. The product itself is white in color that changes to a very lovely shade of pink when applied on lips :)

  • very moist
  • fun to wear
  • very affordable at 85php ($2)
  • color can last the whole day...given you didn't get your lips wet or deliberately wiping it off, of course
  • eventhough it's a product of Watsons, which is a very popular drugstore here in the Philippines, I seldom see this product on stands :(
  • not too much product in the tube and quite a lot got used up on each applications, so this product will not last you very long.
  • no other shades available

Packaging: very biggie ;)

Repurchase?? YES. absolutely!

Tip: the camera just didn't show it but this product may be 3x more brighter than the pic, so be careful not to apply too much. And if you're on the darker shade, I do not recommend this product to you.

So that concludes my Summer Picks/Faves of 2010. I know it's not a lot, probably the shortest list you've read of the same nature, but it's honest and these items are really my faves. You know, the ones that IMMEDIATELY came in to my mind when talking about 'Summer Products' no need to give it much thought just to complete a 10 or even 5 items list:) I hope you like it :D

I would like to know what you're "Summer Picks" are :D Please leave a comment below and I hope everyone had a wonderful summer :D


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WWE Fatal 4 Way BLAH!

Disclaimer: If you're gonna bash on me "OMG, that's not real...that is so stooooppid" please skip this post. I love watching WWE just as I love watching my House and CSI series. so please don't go hatin' now, aryt?!

Eversince my cable rechanneled JackTV from 32 (i think) to know, in between those chinese and Indian channels, I've missed out a lot of happenings with our all time fave sportstertainment WWE. So when a friend texted me last night that the Fatal 4 Way special last Monday was being replayed, I got so excited but to my was a Fatal 4 Way FAIL!! major's like a party for all WWE C-Lister superstars. Not very good Mr. Bret Hart, if you're gonna show more 'specials' like this...please bring back Vince McMahon.

The only thing I liked here was Rey Mysterio winning the World Heavyweight Championship YAHA!!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Picks ep 3: TBS Shimmer Waves

Mooncake's Summer Pick ep 3: Shimmer Waves by The Body Shop

What is it?: Bronzer.


* Excellent pigmentation. It says "Shimmer" but it's really not too much that it's 'glittery'
* Can be also used as eye shadows since you have 5 different shades



* Pricey. got mine on 50% sale and that's around 700+php ($15usd)

Packaging: I like makeups with clear cases because I don't have to open it when I'm looking for certain shade.

Tips: Bronzers are mainly used for contouring. I'm not into contouring...I believe only makeup experts does that....except in the occasional cases that I overdid it with the foundation and my face looks abnormally pale. How I do it?? Just sucking in my cheeks then apply some there then little on my jawline..I feel it makes my face look smaller^_^. At least that's what I believe HAHA!! anyway's you don't have to do the same. Contouring techniques differs depending on the shape of your face. Yup you guessed it...I CAN'T TEACH YOU THAT...but there are TONS of tutorials in Youtube that could help you :)


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day and World Volkswagen Day

Warning: Picture spam :P

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all Dads out there:) One thing about me that I haven't told you yet is that I'm a Volkswagen Beetle aficionado and today, we celebrated the World Volkswagen Day at the Venice Piazza in Bonifacio Global City :) So here's some picture of what went on today:)

Lunch at Dencio's Grille

bazaar :D

That's Papa and my bro..wearing our group shirt :)

Car used in the Indie film 'Pendong'

ICE CREAM!!!! darn, it was so freakin' hot!!!

Fashion Show......barf!

'Pendong' cast.....barf and barf!

We met with my Ate at the Mall Of Asia...had dinner at KKK

And of's a picture of our baby....

Classy isn't she??? but that's on the outside, cause in the inside its.......


sorry you can't see much...i was dancing like a crazy monkey:P


Friday, June 18, 2010

Lakers..NBA 2010 Champs

....and of course I'm not happy. Darn! I'm upset! If you've been reading this blog for a while, YOU know that I'm a HUGE Celtics fan. But that was one hell of a game though :D Gosh! I'm so jealous of the people, specially those in ringside at Staples. The game was worth every freakin' penny! It's one of my long time wish/ able to watch live matches of my fave NBA teams and players:P
OK so back to the game. To sum it up, Celtics had a good start until the big shot from Fisher and just like a disease..the whole Lakers team got all fired up and started connecting. Then the Celtics begin to mess up. So here are some post game analysis based not only on my opinion but also from all the 'office jocks' "analysis" as well:)

  1. Perkins not playing
  2. They missed a lot of open shots
  3. Lot of Celtics guys got into Foul Trouble
  4. Homecourt advantage
  5. Phil Jackson.
  6. Kobe Bryant.
Oh Gosh...I just remembered back in highschool when I was such a Kobe fanatic. Back then, I know almost everything about him. His birthday, the 'Kobe' name, he went with Brandy to the prom...etc. And....should I say it??...ah what the heck!...I collect Kobe Bryant clippings! HAHAHA! cut outs from magazines, newspapers.

Anyways..I could go on with this forever so before that's some game highlights:

Did you watch the game?? Whose team were you on?? Lakers or Celtics??


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fried Chicken all you can??

HOLLA!! quikie post on a Humpday-Thursday ^_^

its Max's 65th Anniversary!

Fried Chicken-All-You-Can for Php165 =) I don't think I'm in the mood for pigging out on chicken. Just thought you might be interested specially this coming Father's Day :)


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Picks ep 2: Evian -- not the drinking water :P

Mooncake's Summer Pick #2: Evian Facial Spray

Probably my fave amongst my summer essentials specially when I don't bring my car to work and I get all sweaty (Flip summer is REALLY hot). I just spritz on my Evian face mist and VOILA!! instant freshness ^_^. "That's ridiculous..plain water should do the trick"...NO. Water alone will dry your skin. Evian Facial Spray has moisturizing agents so it wont dry your skin even when used constantly.

  • Refreshes skin while keeping it hydrated as well
  • They have 50ml travel sized bottle..or can rather :p
  • can be used to set make up
  • Bit pricey. 50ml costs 199php ($4)
Packaging: Actually, for me, this IS the strength of this product. The atomizer/spritzer is perfect :) plus, since its in can, that helps make the liquid cool:) It also has a cover so that makes it very hyigenic as well. Where did mine go??..errr..The day I bought this, at the MRT station I got to excited to try it out and..yes you guessed it..I dropped the cover at the train track :-< of course I'm not allowed to go down and get it..I did try asking the guard to get it for me though but I think the train blew it away since its very lite. Yeah..I'm clumsy and stupid :P Anyways, in case you're wondering, here's how it looks like.

Tip: put this in the fridge to make it even more cooler:) Actually you could DIY this. Just mix a little amount of essential oil to distilled water and put it in a spray bottle that you could buy anywhere..much better, you could reuse the ones from your used up cologne. Anyways I just read that somewhere, I'm not in to essential oils so I don't think I could try this one out ;)


Monday, June 14, 2010

NBA & PGT =)


Whew! That was close! Very very good game :)But in the end...CELTICS ARE THE GAME 5 WINNERS! YAHA!!! Game 5 is important because usually those who wins here wins the least that's what I heard:P anyways LET'S GO CELTICS!!! BEAT LA!!! FTW!!

Game Highlights:

Meanwhile on Flip Entertainment, Pilipinas Got Talent season 1 has come to an end with Jovit Baldevino declared '1st PGT Grand Finals winner'. An obvious and well deserved win:) Actually, that was one tough talent show to judge. I could name 2 or 3 weak acts, but the rest...I could say are deserving to win as well:) However, my favorite act would be the one from the Luntayao Family. I really wanted them to win...I don't know, I kind of have a soft spot for them. Anyways, enjoy they're semi finals performance:D:

Listen by Luntayao Family (you may want to stop on 3:20 mark):

Heniwhey...good game, good show, good day :) Go Celtics! Go bon-Jovit!:P


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Picks ep 1: Missha BB Cream

We're almost halfway over June which is the start of the rainy season here in the Philippines but as an old old saying goes..'better late than never' hence, I am giving you some products that I loved this past summer. Hope you like it:D

Mooncake's Summer Pick #1: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

What is it??: Missha is a famous Korean Brand. BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm Cream. Basically, it's a cosmetic that has agents that improves your skin. You can read more about BB Cream here.

Its perfect for summer because (Strength):
  • has SPF42. You won't be needing sunscreen with this
  • if you don't like wearing heavy makeup everyday, specially during summer like me, this is a PERFECT alternative for foundation.
  • Smells good =) like baby powder :D
  • Excellent coverage.

This amount is enough to cover my whole face:)

  • Not available in local malls
  • Only 2 shades to choose from. No. 21 (Light Beige)and No. 23 (Natural Beige). My skin color falls somewhere in between brown and fair, I use No.23. If you're on the darker shade this may not work out for you. Unless you mix it up with a foundation of your choice but that would beat the purpose of 'minimal application', right? ;)
Packaging: Nothing special. Except that the brown and gold theme makes it look like a box of chocolate :P

Repurchase: YES! YES! YES!

Tip: although this may have agents that's good for the skin. THIS IS STILL COSMETIC. You don't replace you're skin care products with this. If I'm not on a hurry I still use primer or moisturizer before I apply this.

The one in the picture is the 30ml tube and it costs 500php+ ($11). You can purchase this on ebay. I bought mine here.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Girl Who Played With Fire

OK, I will try to make this review as short as I can because its almost 1am already and church's early tom, ahihi. As you know this is the sequel to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Swedish author Stieg Larsson. Oh, before I proceed I really advise you read my review on TGwtDT first found here. Just like the first book it also deals with women abuse and this time it is thru prostitution. I wouldn't go into details and will go ahead to the 'IMO' part.

This book is a little thinner than the previous one. And I think that this time the author for some reason cuts down on 'too much detailing'...I'm not sure...maybe I just got used to anyways, I can say that I like this book better because this time it focuses more on Lisbeth (luvs her :D). Plus it also gave us a glimpse of her background...before the 'mentally psychopath' childhood. I also like that she didn't relied on Mikael that much..Girl Power YAHA!!

If I continue I'll just probably spoil everything for you. Sorry this review is really crappy, but I highly recommend this series :) I can't wait to read the last one :)

Have you read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy?? What do you think of it??


Friday, June 11, 2010

HAUL: The Body Shop 14th Anniversary Sale :D

**warning: picture spam

I've been keeping myself from going to TBS for weeks now...... un
til today...

so it is their 14th anniversary and they had this pretty s
mart sale..which I willingly fell for:) Anyways, I might get some deatails wrong but I'll try to explain this as best as I could, oraytie?!^_^

Sales on selected items varies from 10%, 30%, 40%..etc. If y0u happen to like an item not in sale, no worries, you could still get a discount if you purchase more items....

Facial Brush - 150php ($3)

Soap - 150php ($3)

Cocoa Butter Moisturising Stick - 695php ($15)

Facial Deep Cleansing Pads - 295php ($6)

Items above are not for sale but i think i got 15% off on each :) But that doesn't end there..If all your items costs 1500php ($32) or higher, you will get another 10% off on your total amount i got this...

Tea Tree Face Mask - 795php ($17)

but this made me overshoot the 1500php 'mark' by 200php+ ($4) and made me 400php ($9) short for earning 2 reward stamps since I have the TBS Rewards Membership Card...

few more left ^_^

And lastly, these also earn me 3 raffle coupons. That's 1 coupon for every 500php ($11) worth of purchase. You get to indicate 1 prize package of your choice. I chose the Vit E package (#6). Gosh I never paid attention to raffles before because I haven't won one ever :( but this time, I'm REALLY keeping my fingers crossed ;)

BTW. The TBS 14th anniv sale will end on June 14, 2010. You have 3 more days left :D Check out more of this here.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today on the Tube: California Girls

Gosh I've been LSSin' on this for days now. It's catchy, it's bubbly, it's fun, it's songable..perfect summer song for 2010. I usually don't like this kind of songs but...i don't know.. if you haven't heard California Girls yet (like you got stuck in a jungle this past few weeks or something) well here it is..Have fun :)

aside from Katy's awkward dancing ..that is such a fun number :) sa AIR SURF then the beach balls.. F-U-N!!! :) makes me wanna be a cali girl ;) love the Katy Perry...AYLAVET!!

doesn't Katy Perry remind you of a very sexy Smurfette?? :P

California girls are unforgettable..daisydukes bikinis on top ^_^


**i changed the embedded video from yesterday because it was removed. The quality's a little poorer but do enjoy anyways :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

A Mongolian's take on the Philippines

I remember when I was younger I always watch this show Mongolian Barbecue with my Papa. I just remember it as a funny show and I loved its host Mr. Shooli :) But as young as I was then, I never paid attention to the satire and the message this show conveys to Filipino people. After this show was canceled, I never saw Mr. Shooli again except for some guestings which are not that often either. Just few moments ago my Papa and I happen to come across this not so popular talk show from a not so popular channel on TV and to our delight, the man being interviewed is non other than Jun Urbano or Mr. Shooli himself :)

I always know he's a smart guy but I never thought that his opinion on the Philippines would be very much in synch with ours. I quoted some of these opinions that I would like to share with everyone:

"They say OFWs are the Bagong Bayani because they bring 17b yearly but to what expense?? breaking down the very pieces of the society (family)..yung asa abroad makakapag-asawa ng iba, yung naiwan dito ganon din"

"Americans also wanted to take advantage pero nahiya sila kaya inintroduce yung "democracy"..Anu ba ga daw yung demokrasha?? sariling pamahalaan "For the People By The People" but what the Americans really meant was "POoR the people BUY the people"

"The problem with Filipinos is we are so forgiving...our positivity at ang ating kabutihang loob has become our very weakness.....dati Presidente ay Marcos tapos may senador na Aquino ngayon naman presidente Aquino tapos may senador na Marcos. Anu ng mangyayari satin nyan, paikot-ikot na lang"

"ang desisyon kung sino ang magiging susunod na presidente ay nanggagaling sa 80% ng mga Pilipino...sino ba ang stakeholder ng gobyerno/pilipinas?? yung mga nagbabayad ng buwis kaya sa kanila dapat manggaling ang decision!"

"dapat Change should start from me....e pano naman yun ako lang magchechange sha ayaw nya...dapat wag natin sila pakialaman basta ako magbabago ako....ngayon yung mga ayaw magbago..let's not punish them...let's treat them like heroes...katulad ni Rizal na binaril sa Bagumbayan"

-= 2 Chronicles 7:14=-


Cotto vs. Foreman

just a quickie post on this before i hit the sacks ;)

Its a truly sad loss for Yuri Foreman. I wanted him to win because he seems like a nice guy and came from a poor family. Plus it would be sad to stain that record of his. On the other hand, it would be sad too if Cotto lost because losing to our Nation's Pride, Manny Pacquiao, this fight is like a deciding point on his boxing career.

anyways, I wouldn't dwell much on what happened during the match but its definitely one of, if not the most bizarre fight I've seen. Throwing the Towel - ref not acknowledging - fight continued - only to be stopped again...too bad no vid on Youtube available yet so I can't show you what I'm talking about.

So in the end Cotto won but it must have sucked for him. Who would take pride in winning over an injured opponent. I just hope Yuri Foreman would recover fast and get back to the ring asap:) as for Miguel Cotto...............Pacman vs. Cotto part 2??? why not?! :)


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Caylabne Resort

Hi guys, here are some pics from my day at the beach yesterday :)...It was raining sooooo hard in the morning but good thing there was little sunshine in the afternoon so I didn't end up bringing all those sunblocks for nothing :P

Caylabne beach has black sand naturally so you could see here that the sea has already washed the white sand away over time:)

Definitely this is not the best beach I've been to. It's small and going there is not that easy too, its even farther than Puerto Azul. But that could be a good thing though, it wasn't as crowded as most beaches so if you like that like me, then you could give this place a shot. You may also want to inquire first before swimming at the beach because there are times it's jellyfish infested:P The food's not good either. unfortunately there's a corkage fee for any food you'll bring aside from chips and water:P

Where did you go swimming?? I'd love to see pictures and perhaps I could go there next summer :)