Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WWE Fatal 4 Way BLAH!

Disclaimer: If you're gonna bash on me "OMG, that's not real...that is so stooooppid" please skip this post. I love watching WWE just as I love watching my House and CSI series. so please don't go hatin' now, aryt?!

Eversince my cable rechanneled JackTV from 32 (i think) to 81..you know, in between those chinese and Indian channels, I've missed out a lot of happenings with our all time fave sportstertainment WWE. So when a friend texted me last night that the Fatal 4 Way special last Monday was being replayed, I got so excited but to my dismay...it was a Fatal 4 Way FAIL!! major snoozefest...it's like a party for all WWE C-Lister superstars. Not very good Mr. Bret Hart, if you're gonna show more 'specials' like this...please bring back Vince McMahon.

The only thing I liked here was Rey Mysterio winning the World Heavyweight Championship YAHA!!


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