Friday, April 30, 2010

Drugstore if i buy makeup somewhere else ;)

Because the MRT is jampacked as usual. i decided to let time pass at the mall and ended up buying some makeups:) It's Maybelline's fault! they're on sale :P so here's what i got..

Maybelline Volum' Express cat eyes mascara
ELF Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter
Maybelline Fruity Jelly Lip Gloss
Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner
F21 Eyelash Curler slim

I'll try to review each item one of these days. it would be my first makeup review..yaha!!! oh, another thing that i got is this pair of slippers :)

it was raining so hard and my shoes got wet :) pretty cute for 199php ($4)


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kick-Ass is theKickAss movie of the Year :)

5 stars!!!

this movie delivered! its fun, its funny, its unique, 100% coolness!! strictly R-13 though. You wouldn't want to give kids the wrong idea thats its OK for little girls to go mudah-effin while blowin some guy's brains out. And its also not nice for kids to see a grown man beating up kids:P Even our very own 'balisong' was specially mentioned and made cool is that?!! Highly recommended movie!! Go see KICK-ASS now!

Hit Girl..isn't she the cutest and the coolest?! :D

it's McLovin :P


Thursday, April 22, 2010

l'oreal power dose

As part of my haircare routine, I make sure I have hair treatment at the salon once a month. Hot oil or hair spa. Honestly none of those really does the job. I just do it for the sake of doing it. But last Sunday the stylist suggested I try their L'oreal Power Dose treatment. I was hesitant at first because its quite pricey (900php -- for 2vials) for something that will work until I wash my hair the next day but after giving it some thought (plus extra push from the stylist) I decided to give it a 'go'. I love L'oreal hair products anyway:)

Only after 4 days, after washing my hair and all was I only floored by this product:) Not only is my hair soft and smooth, its also shiny and the color from my cellophane treatment 2 months ago stood out. But the best part is, it made my regrowth less frizzy and waaay 'calmer' than it usually is:)

gorgeous hair


red light means STOP!

I was running late this morning and was driving really fast then beat the red light. I'll admit that its something I'm quite used doing in the morning on my way to work but only this morning I had a firsthand experience why we SHOULD obey traffic rules. This UGLY scratches and dent was caused by a..err..semi-collision (was able to hit the breaks just in time and was able to avoid more serious damages) with a jeepney coming from a U-turn slot. Praise God, I came out perfectly fine, unscratched and the jeepney driver and the traffic enforcer let me off the hook. Too bad I have to make some serious adjustment with my budget to get this fixed:( I seriously need to stay away from the malls and ebay. Serves me right! Please please don't be like me! always obey traffic rules! Drive carefully everyone!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

nail polish for clean looking feet :)

Looking for the perfect nail polish for your toes?? if you're like me who likes to keep it simple and clean when it comes to nail polishes, I suggest you go for colors tan, mocha and beige shades:) this works well for fair and yellow skins because it looks just like your flesh. Plus it looks great whatever color you are wearing :)

See:) it takes a second look before you see that I'm actually wearing one :)

ugly feet :P


Pinoy Boxing Champ (not Pacman)

Congratulations to Drian "Gintong Kamao" Francisco for successfully defending his WBA Superflyweight belt against Ricardo Nunez of Panama via way of KO on the 5th round :) Could he be the next Pacman?? what do you think F. Roach?? :)

More from the world of sports. NBA Playoffs 2010 just started, aren't you excited??!! :D And what better way of opening than Celtics winning it against the Heat!! YAHA!!!! GO! GO! GO! Celtics Season 2010 Champions!! Yeah baby!!!!

**It's All Mooncake do not own any of the photos used


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Latest Pig Out: Ma Mon Luk

Disclaimer: Its All Mooncake doesn't own this photo.

This is an OLD "mamihan" at Quezon City. Founded after the WWII and the owner was actually the one who introduced "mami" to the Philippines:) "Ma"-his surname, "Mi"-noodles in chinese (citation needed :)). It was famous during the 20's till the rise of fast food during the 80's. So little by little people have forgotten until it was featured on Rated K's 'Noon at Ngayon' episode last Sunday :)

I hate Mami but I realized that its been a while since I ate siopao so I decided to pay Ma Mon Luk a visit this afternoon along with my Papa and Carl - my younger brother. The place is really accessible. It's along Quezon Avenue and near Banawe St., both are known places here in Metro Manila:) Problem starts when you actually get there. There are only FEW parking slots available. Coming in the restaurant was like a timewarp experience. Everything was very well preserved.Chairs, tables, ceiling fan, decors, etc which i very much like :) although there's this very unpleasant smell, my brother describes it like a smell of a wet dog. This may bother you if you're very sensitive with odors but as for me, I think its quite tolerable :)...unless I am just too hungry that time to care, haha:P

Inside Ma Mon Luk

Notice the small iron that holds each piece instead of being welded together??pretty:)

Honestly the food was just OK. I didn't enjoy the siopao that much as Papa and Carl didn't enjoy their mami as well. The siopao sauce is salty so you may not like it that much if you're looking for the usual sweet siopao sauce :)

special mami

regular siopao asado

More than the food, dining at Ma Mon Luk is an experience :) I highly recommend that you bring along your dad or your grand parents. The food and the ambiance would get them telling you stories of old manila :)


Mooncake's Pick: SLEEP Pillow Mist

Here's the part where I review some products I come across with. Please note that this is not to brag of the stuff I have, I just want to share to you my thoughts on a product so that if you happen to plan on buying a product featured here, hopefully somehow I have helped making up your mind :) so on with our first product.

SLEEP Pillow Mist by Bath & Body Works

sorry for the uber bad quality of this pic :P

A goodnight sleep is not a regular thing to me. I am always open for suggestion on methods how to catch sleep easily. I've tried everything from drinking milk to putting apples in different parts of my room (weird!). The only thing I did not try, which is one of the most suggested method, is Aroma Therapy. First, i think most of the smell are too strong. Second, i am not comfortable leaving a lit candle while i sleep. Last month, an aunt from the States sent me this Aroma Therapy from Bath & Body Works it's called SLEEP Pillow Mist and I am loving it :) First because its a SPRAY:) just a few spritz on your sheets and pillows and thats it!:). Second, it has Lavander and Chamomile scents which are my 2 fave scents:) The smell is a little sweet and powdery and it does calm you down :) Unfortunately, I don't think Bath & Body Works retailers here in the Philippines have this so right now you could buy this from international sellers from ebay around 400php ($9) for a 118mL bottle :) Thanks for reading. Sleep tight everyone


And now I'm blogging :)

Hi I'm Becs and this is my first shot at blogging:) well, i'm not really new to it but this is my first time creating a site solely dedicated for blogging. I was thinking of a theme, something I'm very passionate about but i realized there's just too many so this blog could be about anything:) For starters, let me tell you something about me:) I'm a 26yo Pinay who loves music, food and crazy about life :) I am recently obsessed with skincare so expect a lot of product reviews here. Well those are the boring parts here's a few interesting facts about me:)

-I lived in Tondo almost all my life and I'm a Sunday School teacher at our local church since highschool

- I see politics just as how i see animes. Entertaining and Unreal

- I have a REALLY bad case of insomnia

- I work for an IT company and a budding entrepreneur :)

- I am a fan of WWE, NBA, boxing and an occasional fan of UFC and PBA but I don't play any sports of whatsoever

- I suck, BIG TIME, at DOTA All Stars and every LAN/Online games I tried but I still play anyways :P

Some may say I lack personality. I say, this is my personality! There are no borders when it comes to stuff that interest me:)

"mooncakes consist of a thin tender skin enveloping a sweet, dense filling. The mooncake may contain one or more whole salted egg yolks"-wikipedia