Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Living Forever =)

I was at yahoo.com and a story caught my attention alright. Its about this man...

He is Christopher Hitchens, a famous atheist author. According to the yahoo article, he is now stricken with cancer and apparently on his deathbed. I haven't heard about this guy til now and reading about him makes me think 'should I be hateful towards this man??'. I love my God above ALL but honestly, I don't hate this guy at all. Instead, I feel sorry and sad for him. What a lonely life he is living. People may see otherwise, including him, but really...what could be sadder than a man on his deathbed thinking any moment it could be all OVER for him. A friend once asked him "How's your health?" to which he replied "Well, I'm dying, since you asked, but so are you. I'm only doing it more rapidly," =) HAHA!! I liked that one actually =) but sorry to disappoint you Mr. Hitchens, between us 2, you're the only one whose dying. My flesh and bones will expire, alright, but I will definitely live on...FOREVER together with my Lord:)

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life - John 3:16"


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Coron Hilltop View Resort

YAHA! for my first hotel review =) OK, sorry I know it's been like what? a month now since my Coron getaway and I am still posting about it but, what the heck this might be informative to some so here we go =)

As mentioned in my previous post, boyfie and I stayed at Coron Hilltop View Resort when we went to Coron. Actually, I don't know how to proceed with this since I'm really not into hotels like if I'd be spending my own money for a trip...heck I would stay in some cheap-o inns definitely as long as it's secured of course. So...I'll just show you some pictures and give you my general take on the place...like my usual lame reviews, haha!

*picture from google images

view from our room


Generally CHVR is one of, if not the priciest hotel in Coron so this review will be by standard of hotels with the same rate.

  • 5 stars for beauty and cleanliness
  • Excellent staff
  • Private and relaxed. Perfect for couples
  • Pick-up and tour is OK.
  • Food is kind of bad...or so so.Except for the pasta and the..what was that??....chocomuco something. Anyway it's just a chocolate shake, but it's heavenly ^_^
  • small pool. but that's ok since we went there for the beaches and lakes and lagoons, right=)
  • No wifi. I know, we went there to escape technology and have us some nature but the website says they have one! =( but they were kind enough to lend us their WeRoam =^.^=
  • Security...hmm..they have a guard alright. They also have a safety deposit box as indicated in the website however it is not per room. The small deposit box is in the lobby. How small?? hmm, our 12" laptop fit in it perfectly. Who needs security anyways?? Coron has 0 crime rate. The province is small that everybody knows everybody. And lastly....
  • It's pretty darn far from the town proper. Like, 15min tricycle ride. Actually we kind of expected it to be along sea shore. I don't know, maybe the website kind of gave us that feel..or it has something to do with the word 'resort'. tee-hee =P

Going to Coron will be more enjoyable if you bring the whole gang with you. Stay in cheaper hotels like Sea Dive Resort which is located within the town proper area. Then go to the port by yourself create your own tour and of course, don't forget to haggle ;)


Just showing you a pic of the Chicken Inasal I cooked for my family last weekend using Dowell Electric Griller. Email me at itsallmooncake@gmail.com if you want the recipe=)


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Coron Day 2

Day 2 consist of swimming, snorkeling, more swimming and more snorkeling. Underwater camera is a MUST. The coral reefs are just out of this world :D We didn't have waterproof cam so we don't have pictures of the best parts of this tour :( Heniwei... here are SOME pictures. Enjoy =^.-=

Siete Pecados

Folk Tale: there are 7 sisters who were brats that secretly crossed the sea to party on the island across. The boat their riding sunk drowning all 7 sisters then the next morning 7 islets appeared which was believed to be the 7 sisters and since then called Siete Pecados. Pecado is sin in spanish...i think ;)

View from hike to Cayangan Lake :P

I don't know if there's a proper name to this place but anyway, it's the spot where those pictures you see when you google "Coron" were taken... hehe:P

Cayangan Lake

Paradise. Definitely my favorite part of the trip. The best place I've been to in my life. When this scene came to my view after a long and tiring hike it was like a glimpse of heaven :) Truly God's gift to humankind :) Protected by the natives so this place is really preserved and well taken care of :) so when our guide told us there are MORE lakes there which is not yet open to the public and that those are much more beautiful than Cayangan, I could just imagine myself crying if ever I'd be given a chance to be there or even just have a peek of those places.

Twin Lagoons
Now this is where the waterproof cam would have come in handy. You have to swim your way thru a small opening to be in the actual lagoon. The water may appear to be kind of oily but its really just because the water is brackish -- salt water meets fresh water -- thus making it warm above and cold below (because its salt water is dominant, if its more fresh water the temp would be the other way around just like Cayangan Lake :D)

Skeleton Wreck

My other favorite part of the trip, fish feeding....upclose! ^_^ Like schools upon schools of fish around me trying to grab a bite from the bread on my hand....how cool is that :D Again, I really wish we had an underwater cam with us. I've never seen such beautiful corals in my life. Corals of NEON purple, blue, yellow and orange :) I was able to barely see the Japanese WWII ship wreck...then I wished I do scuba diving too :P

We also did some snorkeling on Smith's Point. It was like a larger version of the reefs in Skeleton Wreck. The corals there are humongous! There were also like hundreds of sea urchins there...you know the really spiky ones, freaked me out a little plus the waves got stronger so I kind of panicked thus cutting the enjoyment short, hehe:P

Oh we also had our lunch at Banol Beach and this picture expresses my whole feelings towards this trip :D


"And God saw every thing that HE had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day- Genesis 1:31"

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Coron, Palawan - Day 1

HOLA as I mentioned in my previous post Booked!, I am off to Coron on Aug and YES, last weekend, my boyfriend and I packed our bags to a 3d/2n getaway to Coron, Palawan.

I originally want this to be a budget-friendly travel blog post but the boyfriend has been so generous he wanted our trip to be EASY and totally RELAXING so he booked us to a nice hotel and also availed our tours there. But I think I was able to figure out a really cheap way of vacationing there in my short stay that I wish to share with you at the end of this SERIES of posts on my Coron Adventure. Here's Day 1, enjoy :D

flew there via Air Philippines..of course :P

We stayed at Coron Hilltop View Resort Hotel

mmm..breakfast. Best tasting danggit I must say. Not too salty like the ones you can buy in Manila

The Tour....

1. Souvenir Shop

Spent almost a thousand peso for 15 keychains, 3 shirts, 1 bracelet, 2 cellphone charms and 1 fridge magnet

2. Mt. Tapyas

700+ steps to the top!!!

YAHA!! 100th step 600 more to go...phew!

view from the top..well not really, we kind of stopped in the 600 mark because the view's just the same. The mountains on the left looks like a sleeping giant actually, too bad I didn't get a clear picture of it :(

3. Makinit Hot Spring

HOT spring. Took me almost 30mins before I was able to get in the water. It is best to go here during the night or when there's little rain =^.-=. There's an entrance fee of 100php, I think.

Next post, Day 2...


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Makeup Brushes

Bought these at SM Dept Store a couple of months ago and I just thought it's worth mentioning here since I'm seeing a lot of Brush Sets like this on online shops that's manufactured in China. I even considered buying one but those costs around 2k ($45) at most. Way cheaper than high end ones or even the drugstore brands but still, there is no way I am spending 2k on makeup brushes since I barely wear makeup. So how much is it??? (drum roll) 800php ($16) it's even marked down to 50% when I got it. That's mere 400php ($9)!!!!!

so its a 21pc set which I'm not gonna use all, obviously. It come's with a roll case like this. Other color is silver.
I won't go thru all of the brushes since I have no idea how to work with them..specially the fan looking one. I have no idea what's that for :P So i'll just show you my favorites and my least favorites. Let's start with the 'favorites' =)

This is a thin angled brush that I use for applying gel liner since I've been wearing winged eyeliner lately.

Concealer brush. Use this all the time too for applying concealer in my eye area. Excellent quality:)

And here's my least favorite. The Contour Brush. Too flat and small.

In general, all eye brushes are passable and all face brushes receives a failing mark. They're flat and sheds like crazy.