Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today on the Tube: California Girls

Gosh I've been LSSin' on this for days now. It's catchy, it's bubbly, it's fun, it's songable..perfect summer song for 2010. I usually don't like this kind of songs but...i don't know.. if you haven't heard California Girls yet (like you got stuck in a jungle this past few weeks or something) well here it is..Have fun :)

aside from Katy's awkward dancing ..that is such a fun number :) sa AIR SURF then the beach balls.. F-U-N!!! :) makes me wanna be a cali girl ;) love the song..love Katy Perry...AYLAVET!!

doesn't Katy Perry remind you of a very sexy Smurfette?? :P

California girls are unforgettable..daisydukes bikinis on top ^_^


**i changed the embedded video from yesterday because it was removed. The quality's a little poorer but do enjoy anyways :)