Monday, June 14, 2010

NBA & PGT =)


Whew! That was close! Very very good game :)But in the end...CELTICS ARE THE GAME 5 WINNERS! YAHA!!! Game 5 is important because usually those who wins here wins the least that's what I heard:P anyways LET'S GO CELTICS!!! BEAT LA!!! FTW!!

Game Highlights:

Meanwhile on Flip Entertainment, Pilipinas Got Talent season 1 has come to an end with Jovit Baldevino declared '1st PGT Grand Finals winner'. An obvious and well deserved win:) Actually, that was one tough talent show to judge. I could name 2 or 3 weak acts, but the rest...I could say are deserving to win as well:) However, my favorite act would be the one from the Luntayao Family. I really wanted them to win...I don't know, I kind of have a soft spot for them. Anyways, enjoy they're semi finals performance:D:

Listen by Luntayao Family (you may want to stop on 3:20 mark):

Heniwhey...good game, good show, good day :) Go Celtics! Go bon-Jovit!:P


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