Sunday, May 2, 2010

my baby's back :)

Not the boyfie (i wish). I got my car back from the repair shop all spick and span after i crashed it last week :( the repair expenses did set me back in the budget area so yeah, i'll never beat the red light again...everr....

Today was also a sports filled day :) Cavaliers beating the Celtics 101 to 93 leading the series 1-0. I'm a big Celtics fan but i also like LeBron James so if the Cavs will indeed advance to the next series then I guess that wouldn't be so least for me :) besides Celtics has like what?? 15? 17?? let's give this one to the younger guys ;)

Here are some game highlights from youtube :)

On boxing, the much anticipated Mayweather - Mosley fight, as expected, was a major snoozefest. the only good thing i, and the rest of the boxing world, am hoping to come out of this was Mayweather having a major confidence boost to fight Pacquiao....YAHA!!!!

I did think of looking for highlights on youtube but changed my mind right away cause believe me, there weren't any :P


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