Saturday, May 1, 2010

booked! :)


but this post is not about Coron...yet :) it's about this awesome airline i just discovered..AIR PHILIPPINES...

really really CHEAP!! and they just had this ridiculous 'Express Sale' promo..

Those were like what?? half the price?? i was hesitant at first because i haven't flied with Air Philippines but when I learned that it used to be owned and was improved by Philippine Airlines (PAL) -- obviously Philippines main airline company-- plus i was pretty impressed with their website...very cebupacificair-ish ( but with really fast response time:)...although this was also said to be developed by PAL programmers..i wonder why cant they make theirs better...PAL website just sucks! (geek talked there for a moment:P) so yeah, i did book me and boyfie a round trip ticket for 2 for August (he'll be back from the US plus he's bday celebration :))

2 tickets to Busuanga Palawan for 2718php ($60), that's CRAZY!!!

too bad the promo just ended today though :P sorry i didn't post this earlier. I just heard about this YESTERDAY and was so busy and tired:( anyways here's a link to Air Philippine's reservation website Check them out if you're going somewhere soon =^.-=

Disclaimer: I was not paid by Air Philippines for this blog post


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