Saturday, May 29, 2010

Featured Product: Lush Vanishing Act

This is the Vanishing Act from Lush. Its a Tea Tree gel that is supposed to give you clearer skin by applying it on your spots and areas of your face where its usually oily. So basically, what it does is it mattifies your skin.

My Take: well i do have other products that does that and I prefer using over this. However, I just LOVE using this when I break out:) I just apply it on the pimple and it works AMAZING, cause, i don't know about you but when I break out its not that many. Usually, its just 1 or 2 that's really big and red. Before I started using this, I usually see the dermatologist and have my zit injected with anti-bacterial solution that will help it dry faster. With this product, i don't have to go thru that anymore, because I noticed that Vanishing Act really helps dry the pimple faster, drastically lessening redness and -- my favorite part -- minimizes the pimple mark left once it healed.

Downside: First of all, the pump. Since I just use it on a zit, the product that comes out from a single pump is too much so I always end up wasting half of it. Another reason I don't apply it to other parts of my face is because of the smell..its kind of bad.

here's how much product comes out from a single pump.

Repurchase?: yes

Generally, its a great product. I have nothing to say about the packaging...nothing different from their trademark black packaging. It also has the Manufacture and Best Before dates which is very good.. didn't take a picture though, camera seems to be out of focus.

BTW. I think its called differently in other countries. I saw from a Bubsbeauty Post that its called Grease Lightning. Lush Vanishing Act in the Philippines costs Php495 ($10).

Before I end this post, could someone tell me what happened to my YM??

Was chatting with the boyfie a couple of nights ago then suddenly I was seeing myself in my view of his webcam....weird...


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