Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hair Care Routine & Tips

Just the basics. I do use other products every now and then but these are my MUSTS at the moment :)

1. Shampoo and Conditioner: Herbal Essences

I love the consistency :) very light..perfect for the summer specially the shampoo:) I think the formulation is very mild that i have less hair fall now. Very good for normal hairs. I do not recommend these to severely damaged hair. I also think it made my hair more manageable also:) The smell is OK but it doesn't stay very long. It lathers OK too and is easy to rinse off . And I like that they package it this way:) the matching curves at the side is so cute..sort off tells you that this stuff is really a pair so you could expect both will work wonders together....Does that make sense??? i don't know..anyway one thing's bugging me though... The shampoo is called "Body Envy" while the conditioner is called "None of your Frizzness"...get it?? a 'volumizing shampoo' and an 'anti-frizz conditioner'..isn't that a little contradicting?? I picked out the shampoo first in the grocery and because obviously they have the same color theme, I picked out the conditioner without even reading the labels.......they got to be a pair!! right??:) Honestly, I've just started using this for a week so it may be a bit too early for me to make a review but, whatever... i love these stuff and i think my hair did show improvements :)

Tip: towel your hair first before applying your conditioner. Do not apply when your hair is soaking wet because most of the product will just be washed away with the water dripping from your hair. Its also good to leave the conditioner on your hair for a couple of minutes. I'm ALWAYS in a rush during the morning...every SECOND counts. so what I do is I shampoo my hair first and when I already applied my conditioner, I put on my shower cap then do everything else. Wash my face, brush my teeth, wash my body THEN rinse my hair last ;)

2. Treatment: CREAM SILK Precision Repair

To be used once a week. You do not replace this with your conditioner. After shampooing and conditioning, dip about the first segment of your index finger then scoop out then apply this to your. I have long and thick hair so I do this twice. Concentrating on your ends then use whats left for the roots and the middle area. I have a very ugly hair regrowth so I use probably the same amount on my ends to my root :) Leave this for 3 mins before rinsing off so again, if you're always in a hurry during workdays like me:) use this every weekends:)

Actually, IMO this is just the same Cream Silk conditioner doubled up:) the formulation and the consistency and that's what makes it a "Repair Therapy" for your hair. And i think that's the reason you use this only once every week, it may cause hair fall if used more than the recommended. If you have extremely damaged and not brittle hair, i think it's OK to use this twice a week:) It still has the same smell as the regular Cream Silk conditioner and we know that smells good :)

and last but not the least..

3. Hair Serum: L'Oreal Elseve Re-Nutrition

This is a Night Serum. It says it has royal jelly that makes your hair bouncy and revitalized. I loooove this product. I'm almost done with this bottle and I'll definitely get myself another one:) Its like conditioning your hair while you sleep how convenient is that :) For my hair, I apply 2 pumps of this to my hair again, concentrating on the ends then using whats left for the middle area. DO NOT apply on roots! maybe jjjjuuuusst a little on the top area of your hair just be sure to never put some on your scalp. You might get dandruff because you don't rinse this product off. I also love the packaging. I like that its a pump and covered...very hygienic:) But my favorite thing about this is the smell:) its soooooo good! very citrus-y but you know how L'Oreal hair products are. They always smell nice that's why I love love 'em :) Oh, do not worry the product will get all over your pillow it dries quickly and doesn't feel sticky :)

Tip: You probably heard it already, Its not always good to shampoo everyday (of course with the exception of summer season. Shampoo your hair if you got sweaty! so pls don't go 'eww-ing' on me). I do not recommend this product if you're not going to shampoo in the morning. It may not feel sticky when you slept with it but in the morning if you don't wash/shampoo your hair, it will be:)

so there:) that's my basic hair routine. hope it helps somehow:) Have a gorgeous hair every one!

** on my laptop screen, ahihi ;))


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