Monday, May 17, 2010

e.l.f studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter

As you know I am new to makeups and I've been on the hunt for the right liquid concealer and highlighter. On my recent drugstore haul I got this Undereye Concealer and Highlighter in one from e.l.f. Well not really in one, but on a single packaging rather. Sounds like a good deal, eh? :D I tried it for the first time yesterday and here's my take on it :)

Here's the applicator. Nothing unusual. I'm not a fan of sponge applicators (if this is what you call this) because they tend to be smelly over time but since there's not too much product I think I could down both tubes before their applicators get smelly.

here's a pic showing you how much I put on. The concealer on my undereye and highlighter on my lids:) Please excuse the oily skin.. I just came back from work:P

and here's what it looked like after spreading it using my fingers :)

The verdict. Average. The highlighter doesn't give you the glow that a highlighter should bring. As you can see in the pic its like more of a powdery finish. As for the concealer I don't think this is effective for undereyes. I'm no expert but I heard that concealer with orange undertones are best for undereyes. I find this one too light and kind of gives me the 'raccoon effect'. However I find that it gives better coverage for other areas of my face, specially the sides of my nose and mouth. I think they offer this in different shades as well so I am willing to give this product another chance. I'll just choose a darker shade next time ;)


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