Friday, May 28, 2010

What's been Mooncake up to???

its been a while since my last it really?? i think it was just a little over a week but it sure does feel like its been a while:) sorry :P work has been a little hectic but its still suck-y as ever but the thing that really kept me from blogging is my business. I've been a little negligent boss so now I've been catching and patching up on some things.

so having said that, i know I wrote in my "About Me" that I'm a "budding entrepreneur" but there still aren't a single post regarding my business. So without further adieu, here's my small and first ever business venture.

of course it doesn't have balloons always..this pic was taken from my grand opening ;)

It was 2yrs ago when I decided to get my hands on a franchising business and the "buy 1 take 1 burger" invasion was just starting then. The franchisor that i decided to make business with is called Captain's Burger. So yeah, i know if you are from my age group you might be interested on this, I will not dwell on this for now so you better send your questions so I could incorporate it in my post;)

I also finished reading The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson and boy, I am so excited to give you my review on this:)

but life is not always boring...there's still good times. Below is a picture of my latest drugstore-beach haul. Yeah, i know rainy season is fast approaching and I am just about to hit the beach...see how miserable my life has been lately:-<
just a little sanity saver ;)

There are some good items there that I will definitely make a review of and I'll also post how I pack for a beach day tour. so do watch out for that, a'ryt?! :) i'm also thinking whether I should vlog that one instead...... would you like to see me vlog?? :P

that's all for now. time to hit the sacks...goodnight everyone :)


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