Sunday, May 9, 2010

VBS 2010 God's Big Backyard

finally our church's Vacation Bible School's over...for this year that is:) a week of hard work, sweat, headache is done:) Being part of these children's lives, even just for a week, is such a blessed experience:) but more importantly, seeing the youth from our church in action makes me rest assured that our church's ministry will continue in the years to come :)

Here are some event 'highlights' :P from Day 1 and Graduation Day

God's Big Backyard setup :)

Here's my class, the HighSchool dept. My co-teach taking charge:)

God's Big Backyard theme song :)

Graduation pic:)

and finally.................

this girl is not from my class but i took her pic because.....just look at her..the pink dress, clip on hat (hime) and the red fuffy pumps..what a little fashionista...AYLAVET!


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