Monday, May 3, 2010

Maybelline gel liner, mascara and lipgloss

As promised, here are reviews of my recently bought Maybelline products :)

1.Long Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in black

sorry for the messy desk..too lazy to tidy up :P

5 stars. smooth application, glides so easily. wore it for 7 hrs, no smudge and its friggin' hot in here, i was sweating like a pig:) it comes with this applicator. didn't use it though. i still prefer angled eyeliner brush :) the packaging's OK too:)

2. Volum Express Cat's Eye Waterproof Mascara

this is such a popular product that i was hesitant doing a review but what the heck :) 5 stars for being REALLY waterproof:) like i said, it was hot, i was sweating, wore it for hours and yet no smudge :) i was so happy because i was in the search for a mascara that doesn't smudge for quite some time now :) i LOVE the packaging:) black and hot pink are my favorite color the zebra print is like the only animal print thingy i appreciate :)

and check the applicator :) instead of the usual brush this one looks like a comb plus its really flexible too:) you seriously won't be needing false lashes with this. first time i tried it on, i just couldn't stop combing and combing my lashes:) now i'm wondering why they don't make all mascara like this:)

here is a picture of my eye with the Lasting Drama liner and Volum Express Mascara

3. Fruity Jelly Lipgloss

4 Stars. very glossy:) the formulation is a little too thick and sticky. i don't really know if that's a good or bad thing :p i LOVE the smell, REALLY fruity :) it supposed to have some tint but there's nothing when you apply it but that's OK with me since i wear this over my lipstick but if you're the type who doesn't like putting too much product on your lips, well i don't really recommend this product for you. the packaging...umm..very biggie ;)

again, here's a crappy picture this time of my lips, with and without lipgloss :)

hope this helps somehow..happy shopping everyone :)


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