Sunday, May 16, 2010

Latest Pigout: Razon's of Guagua

I know... I know... it may be strange doing a review on such a popular restaurant already but believe it or not, it's the first time I tried their food this afternoon (if it weren't for some Halo-Halo craving of my Papa:P)..Why??? because I-don't-eat-halo-halo and that is what this resto is famous for :)

We ate at Razon's in Banawe, QC. It's small which is OK :) however I noticed that it's not that clean-looking. It's not dirty but i don't know, the place seems to be not very clean-looking :P

First on our menu is the Pancit Luglog (rice noodle with shrimp sauce):

sorry, i was not able to take a more adequate soon as the server placed it on our table, my bro ate it right away :-<

This is actually pretty good. The serving is just enough for a single person. I like how the 'chicharon' really tasted like pork and not too fishy unlike most Pancit luglug i've tried. The only thing I did not like about this is the noodle. It's like a little undone but that's better than soggy :) And Papa told us that most people like it that way so I guess that's not a problem either :)


This is OK too:) the problem is, I kind of have high standards for sylvanas. I have a friend who would bring me sylvanas every time he comes back from Dumaguete and those were heavenly :) so that kind of raised the bar for me:P

and finally...This is what makes Razon's THE Razon's.....Halo Halo

Halo in english literally means 'mix' and the reason its called that is because there are dozens of ingredients all mixed together in this all time FLIP fave cold treat :) sweetened banana, monggo, beans, ube, lecheflan, nata, rice crisps etc. And that's the reason why i don't like this because there are lots of stuff there that I don't like :P but I do like sipping on the crushed ice with milk and the flavors of all the halo-halo stuff..sooo goood:) What makes the Razon halo-halo special for me, is the ice. It is so well crushed that makes it easy to munch on. your like eating a 'halo-halo' shake, if that makes sense:P

but for me nothing beats the Saging Con Hielo from Ugbo-- a place one sidecar ride from my house:P

its cheap, a little dirty but oh so good!!! my ultimate summer food:)


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