Monday, May 10, 2010

Philippine Presidential Election 2010

C-H-A-O-T-I-C @.@!!!!!!! almost 3hrs in line before i could vote. It was hot, very slow and disorganized. Why??, because...
- people with 'special favors' from the watchers passing thru the line and voting ahead of everybody else.
-people got excited for the 1st ever automated voting (or counting, rather) so the voters today, like, doubled from the last elections
- 1 barangay got squished in to 1 voting room. It used to be like, 4 rooms per barangay..that's 1 room per presinct. the reason for this is the limited number of PCOS (Presinct Count Optical Scanner) or counting machines.
- only 10 people could vote at a time. and our barangay has what...900+ voters!e
- since all the candidates' name are already listed, some people took time looking for their candidate's name.

so with all these inconveniences you may ask..WHY BOTHER??? people may have different reasons but as for me, i do it because i owe it to the next generation. my candidate may not win but voting for what i believe in gives me a 'clean conscience' feeling:) and finally its my privilege as a freeman :)

here are some scenes at the local school where i voted ;)

people waiting to vote @.@

looks like somebody can't stand the heat anymore....wait, that's my Papa! lol
and that shiny thing at the side is my finger...nice shot, becs -.-!

finally..i got 'inked' :P

Hope everyone was able to vote wisely :) now we have the counting to watch and pray for.

-= 2 Chronicles 7:14=-


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