Sunday, May 16, 2010

Moon and A Star

Have you seen it?? The night sky is just awesome tonight. crescent moon with a nearby star:) is that a named phenomenon?? I managed to take a picture but it REALLY sucks

it reminded me of some countries who bore similar symbols on their flag. countries like, Malaysia, Pakistan, Turkey, Tunisia..could this be a good sign for them?? No wonder there wouldn't be any good sign for the Philippines. 3 stars in triangular form with the sun inside???:P

of course i just googled that now. The first thing i thought of when I saw the skies tonight is none other than...............


Moon Prism Powerrrr...MAKEUP!!!



  1. a little bit of editing on round drawing of moon can make it more like a smiley face :D

  2. pede rin naman...smiley na version ng cyclops ahihi