Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sonya's Garden III - Products!

Here's my last post in connection to my Sonya's Garden trip last month and I'll be talking about some items that I got from their shop...which sells all organic figured that out already right??? :P

Btw. Please excuse the crapiness of the shots...

Linen and Room Spray - My first ever featured product was the SLEEP Pillow Mist from Bath & Body Works which I super love. Unfortunately, that product is not available locally so it would make me sad after I used everything up. That's why I decided to try this one out. Actually, when we were there I kind of noticed that they were marketing the Rose Water one which is also a linen spray AND more (like hand spray after eating seafood, is the only thing I remembered). But I opt for this one because it has aromatherapy just like the B&BW one. I forgot to take note how much this is but definitely just around a hundred peso. Silly me I just realized now that I took picture of the back label..XD

Honey Propolis Throat Spray by Ilog Maria which is also an organic product. Check out the organic stalls in your mall, you might find Ilog Maria products there. You are supposed to spray this on your tonsils at the first sign of itchiness. Thank God I've been healthy since I got this so I haven't tried this one yet. This is also around hundred pesos.

Toilet Seat Sanitizer by Mira Clean Php150 ($3) - I have a Lysol one which is only available at True Value and costs twice or thrice this one so to cut it short I just want a cheaper version so I wouldn't ran out of my Lysol right away ^_^

Soaps: Lavander -Php100 and Fruit-Php95. You could guess which one's Lavander and which one's fruit right?? I LOOOVE organic soaps so I just got to have these. Lavander beacuse lavander scent's my favorite and Fruit because the fruit like thingy inside the orange translucent soap looks cute.

And this concludes my Sonya's Garden posts. But I'll definitely comeback and I can't wait to try out their other products :)


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