Saturday, March 19, 2011

2nd Philippine Int'l PyroMusical

So I missed out the final night of "The 2nd Philippine Int'l PyroMusical" last week at the Mall of Asia bay area. Too bad it was Philippine's night but luckily, I was able to made it 2 wks ago and witnessed China who one this year's competition. They were up against France that night and I would just like to share with you some vids I took. Enjoy :D

China Part 1

check out mark 7:43 ^_^

China Part 2


I wouldn't even bother showing you some stills as they were...not surprisingly not good >.< so I'm just showing you a camwhore pic of my cousin's cute dog Dylan ^_^

He's reallt pa-cute to everybody ^_^

...and with an Angry Bird stuff toy boyfie just got me....


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