Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sonya's Garden

Last weekend my boyfriend and I had Bed & Breakfast at Sonya's Garden for our post 63rd monthsary and pre Valentine's day celebration. This is like one of our favorite place ever. It's just beautiful and pleasant there and most of all THE FOOD IS TERRIFIC!!!! For this post let me just flood you with pixies from the place...


We availed the Sonya's Sensuous Spa (best to do after a sumptuous dinner, which we did ^_^). Pretty pricey but it's good, not the best I had though (Nurture Spa is better. Let me know if you want me a blog post on it) Here's some ninja shots of the place ;-)...

Even this tea is delicious :) I also like that they provide envelopes for tips. I alway's feel awkward handing tips...not sure why? is because I'm cheap??perhaps...:P

More pics outside...
would be great if we had descent (mushy ^_^) shot here. Too bad we just had our handy dandy digicam with no tripod with us...

you just have to have a shot in this cozy garden chairs......

Here's some pics from the room..we stayed at Chamomile cottage...

this is like the "porch" of the room. There's a small fridge inside that small cabinet over there and loads of instant coffee and an electic kettle on top..

there are books EVERYWHERE. Just right because if you're here, you'll have this urge to grab a book and read. That's just how relaxing this place me:)

pretty vanity with free cotton balls. For those who can't skip their daily/nightly beauty regimen ^_^

window. I just love reading here ^_^

Morning shots....

A HIGHLY recommended place for couples, family, friends because the rooms are designed for groups. As you see in the pictures, our room had 2 king size beds and there's also another bedding that can accomodate 1/2 people. Next post will be about Sonya's Garden's food!! Believe me, you'll love to see that one :)

Sonya's Garden is located at:

Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines (near the vicinity of Tagaytay City, Philippines)

And you could contact them at these numbers:

For reservations: call or text +63-9175329097 or +63-9175335140
Email at:

And here's how to get there via commute (coming from Manila area):

- Ride the LRT1/MRT and get off at EDSA/Taft Ave station or whatever as long as you get to Pasay Rotonda area
- When you see "Chowking" (at the opposite side of the Metropoint mall) there's a small way there which you'll notice because bus and jeepneys enter and exit from there
- Ride the bus going to "Nasugbu" and tell the "kundoktor" (the one who collects fare fees) youre going to "Bgy Buck Estate"...not "Alfonso Cavite" they have different rates. Fare fee for Bgy Buck Estate is Php96 ($2).
- You'll get off on a street with tricycle terminal. Ride one and say youre going to Sonya's Garden. Fare is Php24 . That's it :)

Check out more about Sonya's Garden here

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