Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mooncake's Pick: SLEEP Pillow Mist

Here's the part where I review some products I come across with. Please note that this is not to brag of the stuff I have, I just want to share to you my thoughts on a product so that if you happen to plan on buying a product featured here, hopefully somehow I have helped making up your mind :) so on with our first product.

SLEEP Pillow Mist by Bath & Body Works

sorry for the uber bad quality of this pic :P

A goodnight sleep is not a regular thing to me. I am always open for suggestion on methods how to catch sleep easily. I've tried everything from drinking milk to putting apples in different parts of my room (weird!). The only thing I did not try, which is one of the most suggested method, is Aroma Therapy. First, i think most of the smell are too strong. Second, i am not comfortable leaving a lit candle while i sleep. Last month, an aunt from the States sent me this Aroma Therapy from Bath & Body Works it's called SLEEP Pillow Mist and I am loving it :) First because its a SPRAY:) just a few spritz on your sheets and pillows and thats it!:). Second, it has Lavander and Chamomile scents which are my 2 fave scents:) The smell is a little sweet and powdery and it does calm you down :) Unfortunately, I don't think Bath & Body Works retailers here in the Philippines have this so right now you could buy this from international sellers from ebay around 400php ($9) for a 118mL bottle :) Thanks for reading. Sleep tight everyone


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