Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Awesome Weekend!

As much as I would like to avoid sports related post after another, I can't help it! This is an 'anything goes' blog anyways so it would be a crime not posting what I REALLY feel like posting right now.

Did you see UFC 127....
What the heck? DRAW?! Oh well, for some reason I wanted Fitch to win but more interested seeing Penn vs. GSP, lol, but Fitch vs. GSP is not so bad either. Whydahell am I talking about GSP vs. Fitch/Penn now?? there's still GSP vs. Shields on 129...I'm sooo gonna watch that ^_^

Classic fight between Bisping and Rivera. I know UFC has been a place where sportmanship is displayed between people beating the crap out of each other but I must say, its kinda better if things get a little personal. Fighters are more aggressive, don't you think? Bisping, you jerk! I bet you wouldn't be so 'sorry' if you didn't see D.White complaining about your disgusting spit.

Congratulations Anna 'The Hurricane' Julaton successfully defending her WBO Superbantamweight belt against Mexican-American Franchesca Alcanter.

With training under Mr. Freddie Roach himself, Ana ended 12 rounds of boxing with a unanimous win. Would be sweeter if it was KO though but nevertheless..The Hurricane indeed has returned! Go Pinay!!! ^_^

Oh, last Monday was WWE Eliminition Chamber special which I will not talk about because I'm lazy just check out what happened here.

I'm just glad John Morrison is there fighting the big guys already. Yes. I am now officially a John Morrison fan:P

Time to wrap this post up. All these fighting sports make me want to bash somebody's face, RAWRRR!!!!!


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