Thursday, March 24, 2011

heart2heart: Japan Japan!

OK. First of all sorry for the lame title. Anyway here in the Philippines when you hear someone say "Japan Japan!" in a jolly tone more or less there's a picture taking going on...posing with peace sign V(^.^)V. So by now, everybody is aware of the 8.9 magnitude and 23meter(?) tsunami tragedy and it has been heart breaking not just for Japanese people but everybody in the world as well.

I'd like to be ALL OUT honest here. I have mixed feelings towards Japan and the Japanese. Hand's down they're the smartest people on earth now. I've always been kinda jealous of they're creativeness and being innovative. I always crave for Japanese food, Japan is on the top of my 'to go' places before I die. They're music used to be lame and a bit funny but now....heck! I love Ajikan!!! and of course the ANIME, ANIME and ANIME!! there's more...point is, yeah Japan gets lots of love from me more than I would like to admit. Why mixed feelings, you say?? err...well... let's just say I know my history and they were NASTY back in WWII (major grudge, yeah) plus I'm not down with incredible amount of "pervi resources" they produce.

But these recent events has given me a new found respect, again, for the Japanese people. Have you seen the news lately?? Did you see how they we're PROPERLY lined for relief? How disciplined! Plus these amazing stories. Like how people not panic buying despite the scarce food supply. Instead of hoarding everything for themselves they make sure they leave something for other people to buy. And when asked "How about tomorrow??" they would answer "tomorrow will have to worry for itself". How selfless. And I remember boyfie telling me a story about a mother of a Japanese soldier at Fukushima, telling him to 'stay and save Japan' instead of telling him to get the hell out of there and avoid radiation. Then there's this buddhist priest I saw in the news. Being married to a Filipino wife he is free to flee to the Philippines with her since the Philippine gov't has been conducting deportations to Filipinos in Japan. But instead of leaving, he chose to stay behind 'because his people needs him'. I saw the video of him in tears as he bids his wife and daughter farewell (* I'm in tears...again). Then later the wife, also crying, telling the story of how her husband told her to go and make sure the safety of their child and that as for him... there is no certainty they'll see each other again but he really needs to stay and help out. (*still crying :'<) Stories like these makes me think "No wonder you are one of the most powerful nations","No wonder you're 1st world and we're 3rd..4th or 5th even, if there's such"...because you give so much for your country. Which sadly, I can't say to be true with Filipinos nowadays. If similar tragedy would befall Philippines, you know that story about 'panic buying', I personally can't say I can do the same for my neighbors. It's really hard for me to act all selfless for "the poor" who has wronged me oh-so many times :( If you're working in an office here in the Philippines, prolly 3 or 4yrs ago you may have received this forwarded's an open letter from a Korean to Filipinos. How back in the days, they envy how prosperous we were and that its sad that now we are left waaay far behind and that the reason, accdg to the letter, is that WE FILIPINOS DON'T LOVE THE PHILIPPINES much. There's no proof of the authenticity of this "open letter" but there's no denying the truth of the words:( Do we love the Philippines? Do I love the Philippines??..."OF COURSE"...enough to sign up my son to military service for 2 years?..."i don't know....maybe....not!"...what can I say, it's hard to LOVE a country whose system has offended me one way or another.

Don't get me wrong. I don't hate being a Filipino and I don't wish I was born Korean, Japanese, Western or whatever. I've always been proud to be Filipino and still am. It's my privilege to be born in a country were I am free to practice my faith. I am glad to be born to Filipino parents and raised in a Filipino family. All my friends are Filipinos and they're awesome. I am in love with a Filipino man, everything I am now has to do with me being Filipino and I love 'ME' :P I just wish by some miracle we will be purged of the abusive people of power and people will start to take care of people.

Phew! so wordy! what happened there? I've gone from Japan to Phils to Korea! whatdaheck..totally freestylin' here. Going back to Japan, if you don't know it. They are now facing major threat from radiation leak from their nuclear plant. And now their waters (even in Tokyo) are now contaminated. Whoah! anything but the 'drinking water'!!! as they say "Water Is Life"...just imagine how horrible it is if 'source of life get's contaminated' :( Really, they need our prayers and help. Speaking of helping I come across this site of 'Japan legit donation sites'. As for me, I am still searching for a local donation site (I am really cutting down on my credit card use, you see) so if you know one. Please let me know by commenting below.

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."-2Chronicles 7:14


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