Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Last week, '3 Filipino drug mules' was finally executed via lethal injection in China. My heart really aches for the family they have left behind. I can just imagine how their families must have felt hearing them say "Mamatay na ko..." actually, NO. I can't. I mean, when my Mom was sick we knew she'll be gone any day, anytime...BUT it was by the hands of God not some man so it really can't compare. I was avoiding this topic before as I feel it is a very sensitive issue as it deals with human life, morals, international relationships, drugs etc. But I will try my best to let my HONEST thoughts out as 'delicate' as I can.

3 words.."Justice Is Served". They did something wrong, they were caught and punished. Period. Harsh?? But I'm not done yet.. It was irritating to see all those signs they held up at MASS saying "SAVE THE OFWs". THOSE 3 WERE NOT OFWs. An OFW (documented or not documented) leaves his home, Philippines, to be EMPLOYED abroad while those 3, when they were busted in China, DID NOT COME FROM THE PHILIPPINES. And it seems like they've been drug couriers for quite sometime now. So I think calling them OFW kind of disgraces the REAL OFWs.

And as for our dear ol' government...well, since the issue was sensationalized, I guess it was OK they tried saving them but I think once is enough. Instead wasting country money flying back and forth to China, here's what should've been done:

1. As I said before, they are guilty, let justice be served. Can't you see what bad image you paint to our government?? Are we a country who tolerates or takes drug issues lightly???

2. The very time they were negotiating and negotiating for these people's lives, a maid somewhere in the world is being locked up for fighting back against her boss who raped her. Why not use our resources to help her and God knows how many more of them instead??

3. And finally.. how many times have I seen in the news a Chinese/Taiwanese national busted for operating drug laboratory somewhere here in the Philippines?? Have we hang any of them?? with #3 being said, umm for the Chinese government, aren't you curious where those smuggled drugs originated?? :P

Don't get me wrong, this is not a nationality issue. We all have our bad eggs....

image from Yahoo! News or Google Images...sorry I can't remember...


"This is what the LORD Almighty says: 'Administer true justice; show mercy and compassion to one another. - Zechariah 7:9"

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