Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mooncake @ Work =^.-=

Holla! I just started the 6 days training on MS SSAS and MS SSRS yesterday as requirement for the project I will be involved with soon so this is not really "at work", "part of work" would be more appropriate, hehe:) So far so good, I'm surprisingly learning a lot. I was nervous before I started because, honestly, I've been rusty on the "technical dept" lately so I'm worried I won't be able to cope up. I just hope things will go well for the remaining 4 days:D

But the best parts about this training are:

1. it's FREE!! or company sponsored rather. Of course, they'll bond me for 6 months or something but that's not too bad considering there is NO way I could afford this training myself:D
2. classes ends at 4pm :D...and finally.....
3. FREE MEALS!!!! that's free breakfast, lunch and merienda (afternoon snack)! hehe :D

Here's some pic of the training room I took with my Nokia E71 phone yesterday, just before the class started.

see me in all my nerdyness HAHA!

view from the window...and pls don't ask why the room is so dark :P

CRT..hyuck! :P

I'll spare you from the boredom by not telling you the details of the training...so I'll just show you this lovely hair piece I wore=)

I'll take a better pic of this for your better appreciation:P


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