Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hairstory =)

As I mentioned in the previous post I just had my hair rebonded yesterday and boy, I'm happy and finally confident wearing my hair down again:) Let me just share to you my "Hair History":) I have naturally unruly curly hair. Got it from my dad, he used to sport the "afro" and he would tell me stories of how jealous his friends were of his naturally BIG fro =) I used to be ok with my hair. I always had creative ways of tying my hair plus I'm pretty skilled with braiding my OWN hair. However that changes when I started my OJT. I have to wake up extra early to wash-dry-style my hair so you could tell it was quite troublesome. Hence I made the decision to let go of my natural hair and finally "go straight". True enough, it saved me a lot of time getting ready in the morning. A few brush strokes and that's it! I'm good to go:) And so I've been wearing my hair straight ever since. Rebonding my hair has become an ANNUAL regimen for me.

Here's a picture of my regrowth in 1 year time

uggh! so ugly

There are lots of rebonding treatment available but the one that I "entrust" my hair with is the L'oreal Hair X-tenso. I upgraded from the "regular" to the "Very Defiant Hair" formula. Because it takes literally an entire day to get my hair done with the regular one (yeah, that's how crazy my hair is). And also, I've been going to the same salon for 5 yrs now. I tried a different salon and a different formula once and it was DISASTER! The name of the salon is Substance Day Salon but I think they changed it now to Substance Salon (Substance Day?!! that doesn't make any sense :P). And believe me, they're the best in the X-tenso league and so with other L'oreal treatments. I have proclaimed my love for L'oreal Hair products over and over to this blog so finding a salon that has L'oreal treatments as their forte is just like finding my soulmate...HAHAHA!! but seriously, they are located pretty far from where I live and by going back there for 5yrs now, that's just show how satisfied I am:)

The salon has a very homey feel to it, but the equipments and facilities are just as sophisticated as the high end salons in the metro:)

and here's how my hair looks like now:) sleek and STRAIGHT...literally silky smooth :)

TIP: Now, the challenge to treated hair is MAINTENANCE. Before, I used to neglect my hair thinking it will get fixed anyway when I get my hair rebonded, Heck I was wrong. My hair was super dry they have to use more products than usual on my hair and more products mean more payment. And the end result was not very pretty either. It wasn't as shiny and the ends were just horrible. Why maintain?? For those who don't know, hair rebonding process involves a lot of blow drying and ironing thus making the hair thinner. So how do we maintain treated hair? A regular hot oil or hair spa would do. Once or twice a month, depending on how damaged your hair is. So yeah, Rebonding your hair can be costly. A L'oreal Hairspa normally costs around 900php ($19). And that's why I also got this from the salon yesterday...

I'll just replace my conditioner with this and VOILA! no more monthly hairspa:)

BTW. L'oreal x-tenso at Substance Salon costs 2300php ($50) per tube. That's another reason I keep on coming back to that salon, after the 1st tube you could pay for a half, or even, quarter tube. My hair's so thick and long, I used up 1 and 3/4 tube which cost me 4025php ($87).

Substance Salon is located at 18 Mystic Rose Drive, Sanville Subd. Quezon City (along Visayas Ave.). You could call them up at 920-o4-24/925-67-43.


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