Saturday, July 17, 2010

What's been mooncake up to??? ep 2

....well not anymore :D It may not be that long for others but if you notice the frequency of my updates, a whole week with no posts is being like 'on hiatus' indeed. In case you're wondering why, err nothing drastic actually. I've just been sooo darn busy. I didn't had the time to even check out "It's All Mooncake" til now. So for those who stood by, thank you very much >:D<. So what's been Mooncake up to?? well a lot of things. I just finished my MS SSRS training and I just had my hair rebonded today! Yey! I'm also happy to share to you that it seems like I'm finally picking up on my finances :D Cut down on the 'hauls' surely gets you a looong way.HAHA!! but generally, God has been good to me and I truly bring HIM back all the glory:D So yeah.....heads up! Here's what you will be reading in the days to come:)
  • 2 health posts
  • 3 gadget reviews (so excited)
  • 2 DIYs
  • a VLOG! yes..i'm finally doing one
  • 2 hauls
  • 3 Latest Pigouts
  • 1 heart2heart
  • 1 travel know that I'm off to Coron on August..pls pray with me for a nice weather;)
  • lots of featured product/review
and more..So you could tell that I'm definitely not running out of ideas here but I'm still open for suggestions. Just email me or leave a comment below if there's anything else you would like to see here. As you know, this is an "anything goes" blog, it's called "It's ALL Mooncake" after all =^.-=

BTW. Here's a short but sweet Metronews for you book lovers out there ;)


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