Sunday, July 18, 2010

SM Accessories haul

HOLA! Long time no post..again, i'm sorry :) Nothing too exciting here, just want to share with you guys the recent accessories I bought from SM ;)

I got 2 items from their Makes It Complete (M.I.C.) line...

long necklace, 149php ($3)

coil thingy bangle,199php ($4)

the only hairpiece and the only one I got from their What Women Wants (WWW) line. I wore this in my Mooncake @ Work post, 129php ($3)

3 pairs set of fresh water pearl earrings from Naccara Pearls. Pearl earrings are "must have's":), 249php ($5)

cocktail ring. you could see in this pic how much it was marked down. From 549.75php ($12) to just 145php ($3)! that's crazy...didn't make me think for long before buying it, hehe.

And finally...
compact mirror. Though this is not an "accessory", this is one cool mirror because it has lights on it:) so if it's quite dark and there's this urge to check on my face I could still do it with this one HAHA! and this could double as my flash light too ;),


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