Saturday, July 10, 2010

Today on the Tube: Girl Power x2

Girl Powe 1: Courageous Chic

you just cant see it clearly but what happened here, is when the hostage taker asked for water, the police woman there deliberately threw the bottle on the floor instead of handing it to the guy so when he reached for the bottled water, with our courageous chic's quick thinking and move, opened fire killing the perpetrator and saving the victim.

Girl Power 2: Classic Divettes

It is my extreme pleasure to blog about this AH-MAZING Duo. They are The Believers. They are currently on they're 9th win as Talentadong Pinoy's champ. Tomorrow will be their 10th and final performance and I'm so darn sure they will leave the show as "Hall of Famers". I love love these girls and I'm seeing Tony Awards in their future. I just hope somebody big will discover them and make them big one day. Pilipinas, we finally have our next Lea Salonga and it's a treat that we have not just one but 2 future Broadway superstars :D


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