Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Riding The Dolly Wagon =^.-=

Hi everyone=) Here's a pic of my "Everyday Dolly Look". As you know, Dolly Look has been taking Asia (and West recently) by storm. Girls...and some boys too =P has been sporting the Dolly Look as their EVERYDAY look :) For those of you who don't know..Dolly Look are all about, circle lenses, heavy eyemakeup, fluttery false eyelashes, curly hair...hence the DOLLy look :D

Actually when I bought my Circle lens, I never really intended to wear a Dolly Look. There's no way I could pull that off since I'm not that skilled with make up. However, as soon as I tried my circle lens on, IT LOOKED CREEPY!!!

kinda reminds me of Sadako o.0

I saw right away that the circle lens can't do alone without eye makeup. So just not to waste my purchase, I still tried it out with the little make up skills that I have, and here's the result :)

What do you think?? :D circle lens, slightly thicker eyeliner and mascara than usual, some shimmer and that's it :D Dolly look but not too much that you can actually wear at work or school :D Hope you like it :D


**I'm wearing EOS black circle lens

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