Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Latest PigOut: Bonchon Chicken + Caramia

Another food blog! yipee!! but before I start I just got my passport renewed today. Spent 2-3 hours there but its (the system) is not that bad...really:) Moving on..I would like to share my LATEST addiction... BON CHON CHICKEN!

**Quickie: Bon Chon Chicken is a korean fast food that is quite known in the US. They just recently opened here in Manila late last year I think...

Bulgogi Rice

Served with kimchi (or more like spiced coleslaw...which works for me though ^_^ ). Hehe, I was late so boyfie went ahead, ordered then ate (poor baby, must be really hungry from waiting :-( )..hence the half portion ^_^

Chicken Wings - Php 185

DUN DUHDUN!!! *drum roll*...And this baby is what we came for...THE BON CHON CHICKEN! SOOOO FREAKIN' DELISH!! I mean, if there are fried chicken in heaven it would probably taste like this, LOL =D BTW. there are different parts available too. Legs and chops -- probably the breast part which I hate..Boo white meat, LOL :P-- and this one's in 'Soy Garlic'. There's also the spicy in hellish S-P-I-C-Y . Better think again before oredering that one.For the record, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! :p

French Fries - Php45

Nothing out of the ordinary...plain and salted... which is perfect because the CHICKEN is the star of this meal ^_^

"You can meet the Secret" -- i don't get it :(

Bulgogi Wrap - Php125

WTF! You just ate the rice version...Yes we did! so what, we're pigs!! LOL. Yes, it is the same meat but you have the tortilla wrap instead of rice plus the kimchi is also stuffed in there which makes this oh-so-yummeh! I like this better than the rice :)

There are Bon Chons on Ayala Triangle Garden, Libis and Greenbelt. This is the one in Ayala..

so many Bon Chon hungry usual :)

And of course you got to top a great dinner with great dessert as well. So before boyfie and I call it a night we grab some ice cream or 'gellatos' rather at CARA MIA GELATERIA.


Just dark chocolate :) that's why it's 'Lite' milk :P

Sans Rival - Php70
This one's good too :) I forgot how much for the sugar cone cup. I didn't care because I don't like it anyways :P

**Quickie: Although this is like the dessert section of the restaurant 'AMICI' I believe you can still find a "stand alone" CARA MIA. I found one at Robinson's Place Manila


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