Sunday, February 6, 2011

Urban Decay Hall of Fame

yey! another Superficial Post :) Actually, I have a 'love and hate' relationship with make-up. There are times I like them there are times I don't..just like now. However, when I was crazy over them(last summer I think...probably because I was so insecure of my chicken pox scars) I randomly took pictures of my makeups to review but for some reason, never got to. So now I am doing it finally and I'm glad that I'm "featuring" my first ever high-end makeup...The Urban Decay Hall of Fame ^_^

From the name of this set says, it is a collection of Urban Decay's famous make-ups. Set includes:
  • Primer Potion - XL
  • 24/7 Glide on Pencil in ZERO - travel size
  • Midnight Cowboy Lipstick - travel size
  • Skyscraper Mascara - travel size
  • Pocket Rocket Lipgloss in Timothy - travel size
(Eyeshadow) Primer Potion

Honestly... I have no idea about the other products, this is all I care about, LOL. This is such a popular product that I really don't feel the need to review it, HAHA.. but, whatdaheck...Product works great on me...Excellent Packaging...Love it....done! :P

24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencils in Zero

What can I does glide-on smoothly. Love this eyeliner. Given the budget, I would repurchase the regular size of this in a heartbeat ;-)

Midnight Cowboy Lipstick

Now this, I'm not a fan of. It's like a frosty nude color, but when applied, its more like a lipgloss than a lipstick :-( Love the packaging though ^_^

Skyscraper Mascara

What I love about this product (aside from the packaging...again) is the applicator. Short bristles that I find perfect for lower eyelashes :)

and lastly..

Pocket Rocket in Timothy

Really THICK..smells a lot like a little burnt caramel (but doesn't taste like fact, this have no taste at all)...brush applicator which I like. Umm, the color's OK, just normal pink (it would be awesome if this was Kirk). Packaging??? nah...I'm not fan of naked guys so...nope :P

Well that's not really helpful...oh well :P


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