Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sonya's Garden II - FOOD!!!!

As promised, here, I'll be writing about the Yumminess there is at Sonya's Garden. Note that the Breakfast & Dinner are set menus included in the Bed & Breakfast package so there will be no individual prices for each menu. Also, the set menus are 'eat all you can' so if you finished a dish you could always ask for more serving. Talk about major pigging out, lol ^_^

Note: Everything is organic and homegrown (except for meat which I'm guessing are fed with organic feeds as well)

Mango Enselada - Filipinos are used to eat mango enselada with green mangoes. This one is ripe, has tomato and herbs :)

Daing na Bangus - let the belly fats talk to you, lol :P

Adobong Baboy - I think I know the secret of this adobo. It has bony parts of chicken plus liver NOT as the main ingredient but for flavoring.

Egg Omelet - mushroom, white onions and cheese filling

Mangoes & Melon - lucky me, boyfie hates ripe mangoes...weird :P

I forgot to take pictures but they also serve a very yummy chocolate drink ^_^

Dalandan Juice

Make your own Salad. Here you're served with: Lettuce, Singkamas, Jack fruit, Pineapple, Almonds??? and Honey Mustard dressing.

Bread from their very own 'Panaderia' or bakery and here you have choices of; pesto, anchovies, kesong puti,

Make your own pasta. Spaghetti pasta, sun dried tomatoes, fried salmon, cream chicken--I'm not sure if that's what it's called but it's the white stuff over there--, Olives and Shiitake Mushrooms.

Tarragon Tea

We also bought some stuff from their Panaderia to take home..

Chili Bread -Php120 Not chili at all..just a little hint of chili flavor.

Chili Sampaloc - Php60

Cheese Hopia - Php100 My favotite ^_^. It's like hopia bread with cheese mixture and without filling

Hispanis Bread - Php60. The bread is good nothing special with the filling though.

That's all. Hope I got you hungry HAR HAR!


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