Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Honestly, for me it's not really a big deal. And I don't give crap to "make everyday Valentine's Day" thing..not because I have ice for heart it's just that I prefer the "out of no where Valentine's Day"..get it??? But since it's like a 'tradition' plus..we would never pass on a VALID reason to skip our diet plan, my boyfriend and I celebrated Valentines the typical way....sorta...

First the gifts: The classic Red Roses :P

OK, this is not the best boquet of flowers he had given me but it touches me equally because these past few weeks has been his BUSIEST and yet he did make time to buy me one.

Royce Chocolate - Champagne

You can never go wrong with Royce Nama Chocs...YUMMYNESS!!! nuf said...

and what do we know, I even got a Valentines cake(slice) from my brother...

Mango Yogurt Cake

Tol, I'm really sorry I can't finish this... I don't eat yogurt (weird because I love yogurt drinks) :(

Oh, and we (boyfie&I) had dinner at Top of the Citi....

....will do review in a bit ;)

So that's it, that's my Valentine's Day.....nothing unusual :) So how was yours???


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