Sunday, February 20, 2011


It is an awesome weekend in sports in deed, head started with, what else, the NBA yesterday kicking off the All Star Weekend ...
...with Roockies vs. Sophomore, as usual. TODAY, are the 'fun' parts...the 3point shoot out (boohoo! Rey Allen lost :-( ), the celebrity game (man, I thought Pacquiao's playing...that'd be WICKED!!), and my personal favorite, the SLAMDUNK competition. I like it that they give points for presentation now, because c'mon...there's a limit to what human body can do so every year there's always a chance seeing old tricks reenacted. Anyways, see the highlights here.

Next is boxing and its Mexico vs. Philippines again brought to us by Fernando Montiel vs. Nonito 'the Filipino Flash' Donaire.

Of course WE won!! Yey!! 2 rounds, baby!! 'Pacquiao vs. Hatton' style. Trust me, you GOT to see this.

Then I also just saw Walt Disney's Tangled

and it was GREAT! I love it!!! It's nice to see Disney going back to the 'Princess League' then giving it a twist (The Princess and the Frog sucked though). Really there's nothing bad to say about this film. It's hilarious and sweet. Perfect movie date for the family or ANYBODY. I super enjoyed every moment of it. Highly recommended.

Pop Princess Britney Spears FINALLY released the video for 'Hold It Against Me' which is not so awesome given the hype sorrounding it, you know.. teaserS and all. Similar to Lady Gaga's Born This Way, too much hype but nothing compared to her previous lyrics though, but that's nothing new to Gaga ("don't be a drag just be a queen" ^_^) :) so back to Britney's 'HIAM' video...WTF with all the adverts?!? her perfume, Make Up Forever, Sony....

That's it. Hope your weekend was AWESOME as well :)


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