Monday, January 31, 2011

WWE: Royal Rumble 2011

Did you see it?!? OK I originally planned a different post today and just have WWE:RR'11 as detour but I didn't expect it to be that CRAZY!!^_^.

Let's talk about the preliminary fights, shall we??? ^_^

WOOHOO!! EDGE The Rated R Superstar!! How could anyone FORBID him of using THE SPEAR!! Nevertheless he used it and snatched Heavy Weight Championship belt from Vickie Guerrero's boytoy.

Eve won the Divas Championship..who cares?? don't know her! All I know is, Natalya did (almost) a 'double Sharp Shooter'!! HAH-HA! How cool is that?! :D

And then The Miz, annoying as ever, retaining the WWE Champion against RKO, all thanks to CM Punk...and since when did this guy become such a douche?!

.....and on to the Main Event ^_^

What the heck just happened there?!?^_^ First of all, I'm pretty sure I did watch the Special prior RR'11 (which was like what?? just last month?!?) but with the new faces....and new, makes me feel I didn't watch WWE since FOREVER! Anyway, Royal Rumble is always nice because we get to see guest appearances from 'has beens'. This year we got Booker T, Big Daddy Diesel, Mark Henry (unless, they have been making a 'comeback' during the regular RAW/Smackdown and I just didn't know it because I don't watch those:P)

No matter how much we hate the PUNK...we have to give it to the guy. That strategy was pretty clever^_^

Did you see John Morrison trying to save his ass from elimination during his first few seconds in the game?^_^ I just can't pin point it, but there's something thats keeping me from totally liking this guy?? I guess its the frills on his pants??or boots?!? whatever

sorry, can't find pic...this is the only thing I got :P

Everything was FUN until the end came....

WTF?!? Alberto del Rio??!? Seriously???! It's official Wrestlemania 2011 will be one LAME-OH event **eyes rollin**

that's it! time to hit the sacks....OH!....Please...DO NOT Try this at home....


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