Sunday, January 30, 2011

Latest PigOut: OMAKASE

that doll was enough to get me in =^.^=

Hello my fellow pigs in the pen today I am writting about the newest Jap resto on my list...OMAKASE :)

nom nom nom!

Omakase Soup

- nothing to say. I was not feeling this so I let boyfie finish this all by himself:P He said it's OK but he's really not that hard to please :P


-Sukiyaki's my 'measurement' when it comes to Japanese food so I make sure to order this if I am in a certain Jap resto for the first time. And I'm glad Omakase left me with a good impression with this one. Not too sweet, not to salty...perfect! Meat and veggie OVERLOAD!! but the funny thing is, I like my Sukiyaki with more noodles :P

Cheesy Beef Maki

- OK, I totally made that name up:P I can't remember but it's got to be something like that. Cheese wrapped in thin beef slices and coated in some form of batter. Just OK.

We did order for tempuras (another "measurement") but I was not able to take a picture of it but here's the proof.... :P

Normal. Not the best..but definitely not the worst :P

....but what I did like about Omakase was the place itself :) It's fluffy pink chairs makes it look more like a girl's bedroom than a dinning place :P

boyfie making goofy face:P I don't know that heartface lady but she's totally looking at the camera she might mind it if she happen's to come accross this post so might as well cover her up :P

Gaaahhh! And those dolls again!!! That's my idea!! I've been wanting to 'mount' my dolls on the walll of my room that way!!!

And this wall :) Gonna rip this off for my baby girl's nursery (in the plans of havin a baby yet :P)

The Verdict: 4 Stars
  • 5 stars for the place alone
  • very reasonable price
  • It's short of 1 star because I really can't tell if this is 'authentic' Jap food (I guess not) but that doesn't mean it's not good.
Will I revisit?: Yes. I heard from the table accross that the "American Maki" something is delicious...I gotta try that! :P

You can find Omakase at:
  • Ayala Alabang
  • Ayala Triangle Gardens
  • Greenhills Shopping Center
  • IL Terrazzo Mall
  • Libis
**I was not paid by Omakase or anybody to do this review

OK. This has nothing to with Omakase...but look at how cuuuutee these pens are!!! =^.^= Bought this at Clippers last week. Omakase should get these and give it away for Christmas or something=^.^=


DETOUR: Congrats to Rey "Boom Boom" Bautista for winning against Mexico's Alejandro Barrera. Hope this will put you back to the 'champions' league :P


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