Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Tourist, Rosario, Black Swan, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

@ home...on Sick Leave today and what a better way to past time than to post something, right?? :) So, here are films I saw recently..

The Tourist

Director: Florian Henckel
Starring: Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie
Rating: 5 stars

"Babe, I know there's a film out now that you would very much like to watch.." That's how boyfie asked me on a movie date to watch this and that is because I LOVE both these actors....specially Mr. Depp :) Good thing the film didn't disappoint me :) You know how those films TRY to "leave you out guessing" but by the time you get to the mid part you already know how it's gonna end??? well, this is NOT how it is with The Tourist. There's always the "Wat da???" moments all thru the end of the film. I did guess the crucial part...but I got the details wrong...Read on if you want to know, what I'm talking about..


I knew, like mid part of the film, that Frank and Alexander are one person. Why??? because JD is a SUPERSTAR and wouldn't be given such a secondary role, HAHA! My guess was that he is a schizo and lives an alter ego life. Probably because Elise describes Alexander to Frank as "different"...and of course we always love "psycho-twist" to a seemingly normal movie :) you don't??? well, I do:P plus, PLASTIC SURGERY?!? oh c'mon.....


Director: Abert Martinez
Starring: Jennelyn Mercado

Rating: 1 star

SERIOUSLY?!? Some dimwits want this to be 'Best Picture' in the recent MMFF?!? The trailers didn't really say what the story is about except that it is a true to life story of Manny Pangilinan's grandmother, PERFECT! because I always love listening to the elderly. Stories of old, the war, anything about the time I wasn't born yet. But this film turned out to be an EPIC FAIL!! The only film that made me want to walk out by the first 40mins. Really.....Not inspiring at all. Why? Read on....


To sum it up the film is a story of a Slutty Chain Smoker who lived in the Philippines during the 20's. She lived and died a tough life because of the wrong choices she made like abandoning her parents and f*cking her cousin's man inside her home while her husband and children are there.

On the good note though, I loved the production design. Probably the best in the Philippines, on movies of the same plot of course. Cinematography's excellent too and in all fairness, Jennelyn gave a superb acting performance. I guess, her charecter is such a bad example that the MMFF board did not include her to the "Best Actress" nominees:P

Black Swan

Director: Darren Aronofsky
Starring: Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis

Rating: 5 stars

Dark and sort of classy. Just the way I like it:) When I saw the trailer I thought it's gonna be one cool horror flick but it's not..I don't know where to classify it, actually. Psycho-thriller, I guess and again my cup of tea :-> I don't have anything bad to say about this film and I don't want to spoil it since it's even not shown here yet in Manila. Great film. Natalie's excellent as usual, Mila's HAWT! first time I saw her on Aerosmith's 'Jaded' I know she'll be someone someday and I do hope this film will launch for to Hollywood A-lists :) Oh, and there's also 'treat' for all you pervies out there..hehe :P

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Swedish)

Director: Niels Arden Oplev
Starring: Noomi Repace and Michael Nyckvist
Rating: 5 stars

You know I love the book so it's such a treat to love the movie also:) I know hollywood is making a version of this so I'm glad a friend gave me a copy of this film because I don't think this was released internationally. I like how the film was able to stay true to the book editting out some parts that doesn't have real relevance to the story. If you have read my review on the book, you know there are LOTS of those. Like old folks having s*x, Mikael's flings...etc. But what struck me most was Noomi Repace's performance. She was able to play Lisbeth very well. I remember my friend telling me how she was struck by her acting also, specially her eyes and the book (specially the 2nd and 3rd) described Lisbeth's eyes "deep" and "dark" number of times. I know in Sweden, they have shown the movie for the 2nd and 3rd book also. I just hope I'll be able to finish reading them before obtaining a copy of those films. I am 90% done with the last book before it was stolen from me along with my bag last October 2010:(

that's it:) hope you liked these reviews:) So what movies have you seen lately???


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