Saturday, January 29, 2011

English Only Please!

** english-tagalog post

I was browsing some local showbiz news on Yahoo the other night and then out of sheer boredom I stumbled upon and read this issue about Ruffa x Shaina x John Lloyd ....

but thats not what I'll be talking about in this post :P Because I was still wide awake and..ok fine...i guess, nabitin ako dun sa news article..I read all the way thru the comments section and read this.....
WTF?! I'm not posting this to make fun of the author...ok maybe a little.. but the point is, where in the world did she/he/whatever, get the confidence to post this! I mean, those who can't speak Tagalog wouldn't give a flying f*** about this article so WHY NOT JUST COMMENT IN TAGALOG?!

I've always taken pride on how Filipinos can speak English..NOT FLAWLESSLY for the most, but we CAN! I remember when I was in HK, TWICE was I ignored by a local right after hearing me say..."Excuse me....". I bet you that will never happen if you are in the Philippines. Try asking just ANYBODY for directions and you'll get your may not be the BEST answer but we will talk to you :)

Now let's talk about accent. Last year, korean acctress Lee Da Hae was "inulan ng batikos" for speaking English in Filipino accent on a certain Korean TV show.

WHY?!! I really really hate the fact how Filipinos can be sooo pikon sometimes. I really wonder where the hate came from?? Is it because of the fact that her country generally can't speak English like we do??? And besides WE DO speak that way... Happyslip does it ALL the time and yet, the world loves her...I love her ^_^

Happyslip <3

so yeah...that's my first rant of 2011. In closing, 2 points....

1. Golden Rule (when/when not to speak in English): When you are asked/spoken to in English, talk back in get that this goes the same for Tagalog or your native tounge for the matter, right?!

2. I know my English is not perfect...I don't give a damn :P


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