Saturday, January 15, 2011

2010 Toys ;-)

**disclaimer: First of all, this post is in NO way trying to brag. Normally, I would just buy 1 MAJOR GADGET PER YEAR. I'm just fortunate to have a boyfriend that worked in the US for almost a year who is super kind enough to spoil me with gifts. So in a way this post is my shout out to him. Now if you say being proud of what boyfriend gifted me is bragging then YEAH, am bragging! HAHA!! Ok here I go :P


I did say I'm going to do a review on this but I'm lazy so I'm just directing you to a more 'credible' review here, HAHA! In a nutshell, I love this laptop because its packed with feature, it's cheaper compared to other brands given the same feature and I love the energy saving features. The only thing I didn't like about this, as I've mentioned mentioned before, it has a crappy hard disk! It says in the review that this has 'Seagate' hd...I don't know. I heard somewhere that Asus had a reputation for using cheap hd (I forgot what brand), but that's just hearsay, I don't know. On the brighter side, Asus is famous for its excellent service centers so it's OK now :) Oh, and another reason I love this is because it kinda looks like MacBook Pro, don't you think??

WD Passport -- 500GB

Nothing to say about the feature. Functions as any normal external hd should, hehe. I just love that it's red and compact -- boyfie really knows my taste, haha! ^_^

Samsung ST550

just the box because obviously, I am using it to take this pic

I don't know where to start...I just LUUURVE this thing. In fact I can't think of anything about this that I didn't like. With it's front screen and "beauty" functions, this could take on the "Camwhore Camera" title in the digicam world HAHA!! Really, there's so much cool features in this cam that again, I'm too lazy to do a full on review so I'll just direct you here :P

Sennheiser EH-150

I really don't care about head/earphones before. Like, I don't mind using the cheapest of the cheapest headphones as long as I could hear the music OK, but only after using Sennheiser eh 150 I noticed the difference from "lower end" headphones. The quality of the sound is sooo much better^_^ Comfortable to the ears :) Boyfie gave me this because my SkullCandy was broken and he knows how I loved that one. See the design of this one?? Definitely not breaking anytime soon :)

I did buy 2 items myself but both gave me major FML because one was stolen and the other was broken:(

Nokia E71

Yup. This is the 'stolen' one so I'm just showing you a random pic I googled. *Sigh..I wanted this phone for a pretty long time. Sucks I only got to enjoy it for FREAKIN' 3 mos! :( Anyhow about the phone...It's as good as I expected it to be. Qwerty, wifi plus loads of free sweet apps like OVI Maps and Sports Tracker, and of course it's slim, titanium and red (also available in white and black)design makes it very chic and sexy:) Click here for in depth review.

Skull Candy Lowrider

Another thing I did want for a long time before buying it only to be broken after several months of use :( From my research, that's a common problem to SC-Lowriders (try googling "broken Skullcandy Lowrider" or something, I'm sure couple of results will be returned). But I did LOVE this. I like that you can fold it so it fits perfectly in my purse and the design is just cute and funky. Not the best fit though. Hurts my ear after couple of hours.

That is all ^_^ I'm not sure I'll be able to make a similar post for next year...probably not...kinda broke right now, HAHA!! Til next post....please don't hate.

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